My trip from London was more than fun!

On Sunday i arrived at the Amstel station at 5 o’clock in the evening to catch the bus there to London, which departed at 7 o’clock. Why i arrived so early ? Because there was a threat of some strike of the public transport so just in case i went to the station to die of boredom. So at seven the 10-hour ride could begin. I couldn’t sleep at all during the whole trip. The bus crossed the English channel by Ferry. We went through Belgium and France. So basically i also went to Belgium and France, but just to make a toilet stop. In Belgium, i haven’t been yet, so it was like for the starters. When we arrived at our hostel, to Piccadilly Backpackers, it was too early to get in our rooms or use the luggage room for our bags. At 8 o’clock we could leave our bags and after one o’clock we could check in. Because we hadn’t slept at all we just were sleeping in some chilling lounge until a guy came and said that it is now allowed to sleep there. Despite being exhausted, we went walk around. We visited China town, which was full of Chinese of course, walked through Trafalgar Square and visited a shop of expensive but extremely hot mustangs. Also, feed some squirrels in Hyde park and a little shopping.

Instructions for tourists:



Just in case i always looked both ways, the traffic was so confusing.
In the evening we decided to take a small nap and then go to a party. We joined with the pub crawl, which the hostel organised that costed 8 pounds and then you could get into the clubs for free and get a free welcome drink. We danced a lot and had the time of our lives. In the firs club/bar, where we went, was possible to exchange your bra for a drink. Apparently, some girls do that. 
The next day, Tuesday, we decided to visit the World Travel Market. It turned out much better than i expected. It was a huge fair, with almost all of the countries in the world, who were on the market. Some really little countries or some regions that i haven’t heard about were there too, but of course not Estonia. Latvia and Lithuania were there, though. For example, i have never heard about Ras Al Khaimah, which is in the United Arab Emirates. Neither i knew nothing about the Kingdom of Bahrain. For every country, there were some space and counters, where people could ask information about the country, get some leaflets or informative books, taste the food or drinks, or some other extreme stuff that was related to the country. Dubai, for example, presented Falconry, which is a game catching the hawk-like birds to train or breed them for something.
Iceland has 13 Santa Clauses. The children there must be very lucky. Whale watching would be one awesome thing to do in Iceland and of course to see the volcanoes. I learned a lot about different countries, but the most i liked African countries and i really would like to go to Africa. I was also interviewed for African television ( Central Africa, to be more precise) and now i will be shown on TV in Africa. The interview was about Burundi, the heart of Africa,  why would i like to go there. Why not? I don’t know exactly why they call it the heart of Africa. Maybe because the country shape is similar to heart ( not the symbol of heart) or it is quite in the middle, but still not exactly in the middle.
Nigeria has over 250 different tribes and each tribe has it’s own language but the main language of the country is English so it would be possible to do my internship there easily and of course in other African countries like in South Africa. Africa attracted me very much that now i am really thinking about making my internship there. This would be a totally different experience and would probably change my view of life completely. I tasted some African snack, which i am not sure, what it was but it was very delicious. Tasted like good meat with some orange and bread.
Another thing that i would like to see are the carnivals in the Caribbean, for example in the Dominican Republic.  I want to go to Siberia to have a ride with the Alaskan Malamutes and discover the Africa’s Big Five in Botswana for example. My parents have been on the safari in Kenya and the pictures were awesome and made me jealous.

In the evening was party time again. This time, I and my classmate were lead to one club by a guy in the hostel, who worked there but had a day off. The club was full of perverts, to be honest, and i think also that it is wrong when people think that Amsterdam is all about sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. In London, there are a lot of girls who dress half naked, even in a formal event like the WTM was. About the perverseness a DJ or maybe just a guy in the DJ box asked me if i knew what an Australian kiss is and then explained me that it is like a French kiss but down under. Did I ask for the information? I took a picture with one guy and he made the picture into a key case. It was quite cool actually, but probably he still had some other plans. Thank God we had our male classmates with us.

On our last day, I and two other girls went to shopping and visited Covent Garden. Others went to see the Big Ben, London Eye etc. but we had already been there.


The bus trip back took almost 14 hours ( too much), because it made quite a lot of stops. We went back through the tunnel, which was quite cool.
On January it is possible to go to Morocco, to Marrakesh to do something (i am not completely informed about the activity yet)  for the individual choice activity ( ICA), of which a certain amount of points we have to gain to graduate. I sometimes hate this school. It gives you so many tempting opportunities to travel but then you are thinking about your bank account, your wallet that kills all the excitement  It is so expensive to participate in everything. I wish i was a millionaire.
I am so happy i went to London , i had the best time there! Now, unfortunately, i have to start studying again, but now i have Mondays and Tuesdays free from school. What a looong loooong weekend!

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