School trip to Berlin

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”
Helloouu, I’m back from Berlin. The city of underground parties, bratwursts and beer. I spent there three full days plus one cocktail evening and a hard hangover breakfast on the departure day. A lot of sleepless nights and fun in general. I already posted all the party hardy pictures on Facebook so below the post i will show you some decent photo material.

To start with my class and the other tourism and recreation management students set off early in the morning with a bus to enjoy the ride for eight hours. It could have been shorter but the bus driver wanted to make many and long breaks. When we finally arrived in the evening we had to check in into the hostel Sunflower, which looked nice with cool decorated walls. Later we went to eat dinner and enjoy some cocktails in a cocktail bar and smoke the water pipe.


In the next day morning, too early, we went to the Berlin underground to see how the bomb shelters worked. This was, in my opinion, the best tour during the whole trip. One reason could be that the other places where we went i have already seen , but also the guide was very interesting and it was impossible to get distracted. The rooms in the shelters were very depressing , toilets were right next to each other and the beds were nothing but comfortable. The guide told us stories how people measured the oxygen with candles. When the candles went off, it was an emergency moment. Also Anne Frank wrote in her book how horrible it was. When she was looking for a place to pee she discovered human bodies hanging in the toilet for example. For curiosity, i would still like to read her diary or watch the movie.

After we went to a city bike tour. The rain had a perfect timing to start when we were biking and to go away and bring the sun out when we were finished. It was such a nostalgia for me to see all the places again. In the evening we went to a club, where i also had been when i was sixteen. All those memories!






Where the east and west meet.





 The Brandenburg gate.



TV tower.


This is the house , where Michael Jackson held his baby outside of the balcony. This is where the Brandenburg gate is.




The next day was horrible- wake up to go to Sachsenhausen, to the concentration camp with a massive hangover. The worse feeling came when you were walking there and thinking about all the things that had happened there. Horrible. The guide was telling us stories how some people in the camp had to work with the corps of other camp workers by pulling out of their golden teeth. Later that day we had our free time to shop or go around and if someone wanted to join a pub crawl. But me and my classmates, with whom i shared the room ,all fell asleep because of the sleepless nights before and so we missed the pub crawl. Instead, we just chat and chill in the hostel. I was amazed how closed Estonians really are and how open other nations are. I shared the room with people from Africa, Saint Martin and from the Netherlands. All can speak very openly about personal topics without being ashamed or shy. Estonians never share that much.


Pictures of the first people, who were killed in the concentration camp.


The whole last day plan was to visit the ITB travel trade show to make some contacts for our third-year internship. The World Travel Market in London was better but it could be because we visited the ITB on its last day and probably all the staff was tired. Estonia was in there too, but unfortunately, i could not see that because the whole market was very big. It also had a shuttle bus to move people around, which i missed too. I could not see African countries for example. I liked the most Caribbean countries and also southern America. They gave the warmest welcome. India was nice too and probably would be very interesting to do my internship there, but i still have time to think about it.






And now brace yourself for a big amount of pictures of the most artistic part of the Berlin wall. Non-art lovers or anyone who is not interested can stop from here to not to see loads of pictures of one wall. But really all the pictures on the wall were either interesting or beautiful so i just kept photographing them non-stop.












  That’s all folks  !


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