Sardinia vol 2.

Ciao ragazzi !

It’s hard to find time here to write and if i have time i prefer to sleep because the work is hard and the heat makes you tired.
The internet doesn’t work so well here also some days it disappears and at the moment, i am a bit cut off from the rest of the world and have no clue what is going on.
My work goes well , though, it is tiring and every muscle in me aches. I still enjoy it. Especially the evening shows. We have done already two musicals, Mamma Mia and The Beauty and The beast and now this week we will do Tarzan. In Mamma Mia, i had double roles, being the friend of Sophie and also Donna . In beauty and the Beast i was the Beauty and now i will play Jane. It’s a lot of fun and i like especially dancing nice duets with beautiful lifts. They hurt, though.
I enjoy a lot doing sports tournaments. For me, it’s quite fun. Football tournaments are a bit crazy sometimes because many people, especially Italians are really into it and get very angry when they won’t win. So imagine, 9 teams consisting of 5 people in the team and each one of them is complaining about losing and complaining why they can’t play all the time. We have only one field and an hour to make the tournament. Of course, i can put all the teams to play together and make them all win !

I can not add photos here unfortunately because it would take a year. Extremely slow. But i add all on facebook anyway 🙂 (UPDATE: Pictures included below)

Quickly briefing then. Most of the days i switch with activities and do different things like sports tournaments that i mentioned before or water gymnastic and of course it is kind of a routine , but for sure less than a lot of other jobs have. The only routine is that every day we have to do the same dances for the Happy disco for the children and club dances for the adults !

On my free day it’s hard to get out but on the last one i was fortunate and visited a super beautiful beach Costa Rei, with the white beach and super blue and clear water!
Otherwise, Sardinia looks quite the same, mountains and desert. But the beaches are super nice. At least what i have seen. And in the north, they say it’s even better.

But now i got to run like always , we have little time and we have to run around the whole days ! But it’s fun !































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