I think you’re foolish if you spend your life in one place. The world is gigantic It’s a waste if you don’t try and see it.

Hellooo !

After a decade, i finally found time to write again.
My life has been crazily busy. As you read before in Italy i had practically no time to write or even no internet connection. To sum my summer up i can say i liked the job very much like i liked it the last time , i had fun colleagues and was surrounded by happy people. Only one big problem was during my summer, which I cannot talk about in detail. That problem made my job very hard, but now it’s done and back to my regular life.
It’s not so regular, though. After Italy, i got the chance to go on a cruise ship with my boyfriend. That opportunity came very fast and i had to make an impulsive decision. Since i basically had no vacation this summer i decided to go.  The cruise took us through England, Dover and the island of St. Peter Port; France, Le Havre; Belgium, Bruges; and Germany, Bremerhaven. All countries were nice, except i got a very bad expression of Dover. I saw only fat and ugly and lower class people. Pregnant women smoking and looking horrible. It made me feel very pretty, though.




Le Havre.











During the seven days of my trip, i was like a king’s cat. I eat extremely good food, went to the sauna, where i haven’t been for a long time and got a lot of free stuff .

I skipped the first week of school because of this and now the first week for me in school has been quite interesting, since i have a lot of new classmates and a new subject. I am also hoping to get a job very, very soon. But first, I’m off again, Off to Luxembourg for a weekend to see a baptism for the first time of my life.

Ciao ciao !

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