Do what makes you happy not what makes them happy.

Hey, guys !

Life is not a movie and obviously, i don’t have such an interesting life that i could write every day something breathtaking. My life is interesting, though , but at the moment, the daily routine is repeating itself.

For those, who don’t know i live now together with my boyfriend in a very nice apartment near to the school. 15 to 10 minutes by bike. It is a nice workout, but when it is raining hard it sucks. It’s not pleasant arriving at school completely wet. Regularly i go to school with a wet ass as well, because the bike seat never gets completely dry. It also has a hole in it where all the water gets out afterwards.

Besides school, i haven’t gone out to wild parties or anything. Nice quiet times playing pool or some board games in a coffee shop, crashing a friend’s place or having a movie night is nice as well. Or shopping ! Must love shopping after working the whole summer and actually having money to spend.

Now i am planning to go dancing again and trying to find a job for this year. I am a little scared that all my spare time will vanish.

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