I’m missing the sun from Gran Canaria so badly already. Even though here in the Netherlands most days are sunny, the wind is so cold and strong that it goes through every bone and stays there and when you arrive home and get under your warm blanket you still feel like you are in Siberia buried under the thick snow.

My trip to Gran Canaria was great. Firstly, the plane departed at 5.30 in the morning. Around 3 o’clock in the morning, I had to be at the airport. The last train to the airport left around one o’clock, hence i decided not to go to sleep at all and crossed my fingers that maybe i can sleep on the plane. That is usually impossible for me. When we arrived at Gran Canaria 9 o’clock in the morning the sun was shining and the weather was nice. I forgot all about the sleepless night and became happy within seconds.

The local bus driver told us that it never rains on Gran Canaria when he saw that we started to get worried about the dark clouds in the sky. The first night we went out to eat and to drink cocktails it rained so heavily that you would get wet within a minute. The bar we were at was not built for rain. It was an open bar but had plastic “walls”. Due to the rain, the TV’s stopped working and the whole floor was covered with water.
On the first days, we were busy with school work, interviewing people and managers of the hotels. Our project group’s theme was sustainability and we investigated if the hotels in Gran Canaria are sustainable and if the customers actually are asking for sustainable hotels. During the first three days, in the mornings we were basically walking around doing our research in Playa del Ingles and in the evenings, we went out to eat and drink.













One of the Chinese restaurants that we visited, was one of the funniest restaurants i have ever been. The waitresses were extremely Chinese. They had strong Chinese accents and they were so bubbly and cheerful and were using some funny body language. They were presenting the typical stereotypes we see in some funny cartoons about Chinese people. In the end of the meal they brought us shot classes and Chinese wine. When they poured the wine in the classes you could see a naked man or a woman in the bottom of the class.


When the schoolwork was over it was time to rent a car and go discover the island. The volcanic island was beautiful. In the southern part, it was drier and had less nature but the northern part was the opposite.
















The last day was time to enjoy the beach. I wanted to get a bit more tanned before returning to the cold Netherlands and there you never know when you get the chance to sunbathe. It was a must to take a swim in the cold ocean. Check!







And the last night… It was hilarious! We went to see a drag queen show. I have never seen a drag queen show before and did not know what to expect. In the beginning, he warned us that he is not holding himself back with the show and if you feel uncomfortable you should consider the warning. His black humour made ma laugh at every second and brought tears to my eyes. And he really did not hold himself back. At some point of the show he is grabbing people’s boobs, crutches, patting your teachers bald head and making you drink alcohol.


I was sad that we had to come back, especially when the temperature is below zero in Amsterdam, the wind is minus hundred degrees and you have no internet at home.
But maybe I will return one day and then for a longer time.

xoxo Aggie

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