If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

30th April is the Queen’s Day or shall we call it the King’s Day from now on. Queen Beatrix gave the throne to her son Willem-Alexander. The Dutch people were celebrating on the street but unluckily I had to work. I cannot share many stories of the special day this time, but for sure it was drunken orange fun as usual. 
Picture from : partywithalocal blog
Cocktails are just my absolute favourites and lately i have been drinking mostly cocktails when going out. At first, I did not find many cocktail bars in Amsterdam, but by now I have dug out quite a few with a rich cocktail menu. 
On the 1st of May, the Netherlands celebrates the International Workers Day. I was having a delicious dinner when suddenly the waiter turned the television on to show how crowded the Dam Square is. The crowd was getting ready for 2 minutes of silence starting from exactly eight o’clock. So when the clock turned eight the whole country turned silent. Nobody in the restaurant moved or made a sound , the cooks and waitresses stopped working for a moment  
till 2 minutes were over. 
I went to a glow in the dark party on my friends birthday. In one corner of the club, a girl was sitting and painting anybody who wanted to be painted with glow in the dark colours. It was a fun night, though i had to work the next day. Luckily my work is very flexible and mostly starts from twelve in the noon that is late enough to get a good night sleep and freshen up from a late night out. 
Actually, i don’t have much to write but to give you the news that I’m going on a cruise trip in few days!
Also, i am getting closer to get my internship. Maybe the next autumn i will be spending in Australia, Thailand or on Bali island instead. Keep your fingers crossed for me 🙂
Stay tuned !

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