I meant to behave but there were too many other options.

This has been hardest exam period ever. The winter has been so long that the only thing in my mind is vacation and summer. Unfortunately, the weather here in the Netherlands is horrible and there is no chance to enjoy summer. That forced me to stay home and study. And now finally the exam period is over, though i have some re-sits in July. For me, it is impossible to pass all seven exams during two weeks and for some of them, you maybe had only one day to prepare, if even that. Plus i was not motivated and i rather go outside even if it rains and the wind will blow my brains out.
Luckily there have been some sunny warm days. Maybe one during a whole week and during that day you must go out no matter what otherwise you’re going to miss it and you never know when the next nice sunny day will arrive. If it even will arrive.
One day i went out in a park in Amsterdam, park Frankendael to test the fifteen euro boats we (my boyfriend and a friend) just bought. It’s not allowed t float with your rubber boat on Amsterdam canals and I’m not also sure if it was allowed in that park on the ponds and canals there, but who cares. It took us a while to inflate these boats and finally when we managed it took us a while to figure out how to actually use them. I mean the fifteen euro boats do not provide an excellent quality and at our first attempts, we got almost completely wet just at the shore. Finally, we figured out that you have to be positioned correctly and also we changed our first destination, a very dirty pond smelling of urine and having pieces of glass on the ground. The other pond was bigger, a little cleaner and easier to slide into with your boat.





Lately, I’ve been also working longer hours, which is not very good for my grades but very good for my wallet. Every day i go to work, come from work or while I’m working i notice people dressed in strange clothes or costumes. Amsterdam is like a freaky fashion show and you can dress however you like. Even if you dress like a naked chicken or a walking di*k, it’s okay here. I’ve seen biking Elvis’s, men in dresses, men and women in Adam’s and Eve’s costumes, all sorts of animals and anime characters and much, much more.
There is also zebra the street artist in town.



Otherwise, i haven’t been up to much interesting lately since i have had to force myself to study. But the big news is that from August for five months my life will be in a new interesting destination Bali, where i will be working for the Bali tourism board. Yippee !


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