Welcome to Bali.

The first thing you see when you exit the airport is a mass of people holding signs with people’s names, hotel names, tour operator names etc,etc. and there seems no way out. The weather is great and then you try to find a taxi driver, who is willing to take you to your destination with the cheapest price possible.

The traffic here is very crazy as i already have heard before. Basically, you drive however you want. You skip lanes when you want, pass by whenever you spot an opportunity and continuously honk at other people. When nowadays babies learn how to use iPhone before they learn how to speak then here in Bali I’m sure they will learn how to drive a scooter at a very young age. I guess it’s okay when a boy about an age of ten or twelve is driving a scooter with two other babies on board. You can also notice a kid driving a car. Moreover crossing the road has never been so exciting as it is here.




People are very friendly. They smile a lot , greet and get very excited if you smile and wave back. They also stare a lot , because you really stand out of the crowd. I find them very helpful when you need something or when you are lost. Unless it is the market. Then locals seize the opportunity to make money by guiding you in the market.

The capital, Denpasar, is not very modern and also not a mass tourism spot like many beach sides. In general, Bali is not very modern or developed. Pollution level is very high and you can see trash everywhere. Once in a while, you catch a strong unpleasant smell in your nose. Also, what is funny that chickens and roosters run around everywhere. If you don’t see them you will hear them for sure.





Alcohol is pretty expensive here compared to life here in general. It is about as expensive as in Amsterdam. What surprised me is that mushrooms are legal here unlike all other sorts of drugs.
The first day when we arrived in the evening we immediately passed out and slept till the next day. The place we are staying at has two floors. We have three dogs here, two puppies and one golden retriever, and a bunch of fish. We have an open living room with a special place for the fishes.


And the beaches are surfers paradise. I can’t wait to try surfing out.



In Amsterdam, i had to get used to mice. Now in addition to mice, i have to keep company with lizards and all sorts of flies.



Today i met with people who provide me with the internship position in Bali Tourism Board. Luckily i will also get the chance to participate in different events, which i find interesting. In one of them, Barack Obama himself will be present! I am already very excited to be here 🙂

Stay tuned!

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