You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

And my role as an intern has begun. The first day at Bali Tourism Board I had to prepare some letters for Australia because in September we were planning to go to Australia and do some promotion for Bali. Unfortunately, some other company took over organising the events there and so we were left empty handed. Now we are preparing things for upcoming Bali marathon in November.
Sometimes we will get the chance to participate in different events. I got the chance to be an usher in a Jazz Market in South Kuta. Basically, what I did on my duty was standing up and saying “Hello!” or “Welcome!” to people entering the jazz market. Unfortunately, it was not very interesting as you can imagine. The market itself was nice playing smooth jazz all day and having multiple food stalls and stalls for selling all sorts of goods.

I have been eating out every day. Sometimes you really have to be careful with the food because everything here is very spicy. Even if you ask for a non-spicy meal it might be spicy. Maybe what is not spicy for them is still spicy for us and what actually is spicy for them will burn us alive. One day we went to KFC and brought some chicken back to our place and oh damn it was spicy. Now we never forget to mention that we prefer the food not to be spicy.
Local places also may offer you only a fork and a spoon or maybe nothing at all so you can eat with your hands.

Police here is like a predator hunting tourists to squeeze some money out of them. You can buy your licence here. Even if you are just a teen you are able to buy a licence. The police are hunting mostly for tourists to demand too much money for not owning a licence and even if you do have a licence still they will find a way to charge money from you. They should control the maniacs driving here instead. Some people can’t make up their mind which way to go and at the last moment possible turn left or right. Also they just in case put indicator lights on even though they just go straight.

Flying kites are very popular. Anywhere you look up to the sky you see kites. They might seem small, but some are actually pretty big and take five men to carry it.

What else? Life’s a beach.

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