Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.

At the beginning of my internship, i had this impression that people are quite laid back here and the work is chill. Lately, i have been working pretty hard actually and busy every day. We have been working on our upcoming Bali Highway Half Marathon that our company is organising. If somebody of my readers is a runner or anybody ,who wants to see what i have been working on, can check out the website (click) that we have made. I have been also working a lot on Facebook and Twitter and have sent too many e-mails. Actually, i don’t really like working in an office behind the computer unless the task is really interesting. But sometimes you got to do what you got to do. Nevertheless, the meetings here (the ones in English)  have been quite pleasant. Meetings at a beach bar or at a sushi bar eating, drinking and discussing things. No complaints there!

The marathon that we are organising will be held on the new Bali toll road and it will finish in Nusa Dua where the awarding ceremony and party will be held as well. We as organisers went to see the place out and it was amazing. I would not mind organising trillion events there.

There were many trees planted there by representatives from different countries. I’m not sure if Estonia was there. If i would have had more time i would have looked through all those trees.

The peninsula is really cool. There is a viewing platform to see the beautiful view and how the waves are crashing into the rocks. In the night, the waves can become even five meters high and you can just go and look at it under the moonlight.

Last Sunday we went to Uluwatu in South Kuta to visit the temple where all the cute sneaky monkeys live and enjoy gaining weight by all the bananas that tourists feed them. The place was really breathtaking and it’s hard to put it into words how beautiful it was. The monkeys were very friendly, especially when you have a banana in your hand. They are spoiled though and they don’t take any kind of brown and old banana. You can eat that yourself if you want! Luckily no monkey stole anything from us. We went there in the afternoon and our guide told that they steal more actively during the evening when it’s cooler outside.

As I expected food is really different here. Normal milk tastes sweet, butter tastes weird and even chocolate tastes strange and not so good. Unfortunately, i love chocolate 🙁 At least M&M’s are still fine. Oreo cookies with ice cream flavour taste like toothpaste. Some things look so weird that i would never figure out what they are made of. This is why we eat out almost every day, both lunch and dinner. Plus it’s not such a huge difference in prices unless you go to really fancy restaurants. We have tried cooking at home, but the products that we have tried do not taste so good, except corn that is super delicious!

What i find funny is that people here, mostly women, try to be whiter. I have heard about it before, but when i visited the supermarket and saw that almost every sunblock was with a whitening effect then i realised that skin whitening is really popular here. Also body lotions, for instance, have whitening effects. Even deodorants! So watch what you buy. I would not like to walk around with armpits white as snow and rest of the body nicely tanned. Weird. 
Unfortunately not everything has gone well here. Like the greedy police that i have mentioned in my previous posts or that my bag got stolen on the beach. People may seem friendly but still you always have been careful. 
What else i don’t like here in Denpasar is that people stare a lot. Even they move their chairs to a better position to stare. 
Despite some unfortunate events it’s not bad to live under the sun on a paradise island:)

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