Last weeks in Bali.

“Travel. It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

And I am back in the thousand degrees colder Amsterdam! I already started missing the sun when i stepped on that plane.

I haven’t been writing for a while so now i am trying to write down all the cool stuff that i did in the amazing Bali.

After organising the marathon it seemed like there is nothing left to do for work and luckily so it was. More time for beach and enjoying the holiday. We had to help our company to start off a program for spring- student/backpacker fair. Besides that, we landed on a pretty interesting job. Namely to be actors for Bali 101 Legian hotels’ promotional video. The filming lasted two days and we got to spend four free nights in the hotel. Sadly we had to wake up around 6 to start working. Putting make-up on took quite a lot of time and then the shoots began. It was easy acting, mostly smiling and being excited about the hotel and its facilities and talking with each other. When the video will be ready and not too embarrassing, i will share it. Half of the time i had to be blonde, which did not make sense because we were acting as a couple and sometimes my boyfriend had a blond girlfriend sometimes dark haired one. Well, it did not matter to me because i could finally see how i look like as blond and also i had fun acting. Some of the nicest scenes were romantic dinner on the rooftop restaurant, free food and wine for us, spa scene when i just had to lay there and enjoy the massage and the rooftop pool party, which meant just partying and drinking.






Before new years, my boyfriend’s good old friend came to visit with some of his friends from the university in Malaysia. We were a gang of five different nations- Estonian, Romanian, French, Austrian and Spanish. Being kind of a local already we decided to show them the best places we visited in Bali. One of them was, of course, the twin waterfall.
On our way to the top of the mountain, we passed by a guy, who had a bunch of exotic animals and you could take photos with them. For a photo, you gave him a donation, whatever amount you found suitable. I am not supporting using animals as entertainment and tools for earning money, but damn… when will i ever be able to hold a live bat? When we stopped by the animals, one monkey figured out how to free himself from the leash and ran away. That was a very funny sight. Someone managed to capture the monkey and bring him back. The bat was loose ,though, so i asked if he won’t fly away and the owner explained that during daytime they sleep so it will not want to fly away. There was also a huge snake in the donation box, but i almost peed my pants just by looking at it. Snakes are so scary. I was scared of the bat too, but i still wanted to hold it. I have only one normal picture of it, on the rest of them, i have a very scared face.

To look back I am not sure why I wanted to hold the bat since I do not support using animals for tourist product. And I would like to say please DO NOT do anything like this yourself, nor ride with elephants or pet tigers in zoos and so on.  You don’t know truthfully how well the animals are being treated and best to not support this business.



The forests on the way are full of monkeys and there are so many of them on the road waiting for tourists to stop and feed them.




The first time i did not swim under the waterfall, but this time, i wanted to go. It was already getting dark and the water was cold, but it was super awesome. It was very hard to swim behind the waterfall, where you could climb an up and jump in the water. Firstly, it was hard to swim because the strong current and then when you finally managed to swim under the waterfall there was barely any oxygen and impossible to breathe so when i arrived on the other side i was breathless and panting. It was totally worth it! When it turned dark the fireflies came out and it was magnificent to see little flying lights in the dark jungle.



On the 31st, we went to our favourite beach on the Nusa Dua and ate lunch on a tree again. There were cool stars in the clear water. Once again we waited for the wave to crash against the rocks to make a cool picture, and this time, keep all the devices at a safe distance, but the biggest one comes very unexpectedly.






My Christmas was not very nice, since it was raining heavy and i missed the traditional family dinner with the loved ones, but the new years eve was crazy even with the pouring rain. We went to celebrate it on the beach and we were soaking wet so I and my boyfriend decided to go into the ocean. The beach was full of people and the street was awfully crowded as well. Because it was so wet i don’t have any pictures of the evening and because i drink very rarely that evening is a dim recollection. I woke up with a swollen foot because i managed to fall down on the wet street.
When our internship was finished and we were “kicked out” from our place- the owner was getting married and needed his whole house, then we decided to spend few days at the owners bungalow accommodations that he has on the west coast. The place has just wonderful views.

It is very common that the local people want to take photos with you. On the beach there we ended up making like twenty pictures in a row for a group of school boys. Now i know how celebrities feel. Apparently it is worse in Malaysia. People come to you even more often and ask you to be fierce by putting your hands up and making the peace sign.







The place also has a museum of bizarre statues. Balinese people make these demonic statues for Hindu new year to get rid of all the bad and evil. The following day is a day of silence when the locals just stay home and enjoy the quiet.



We travelled more up north-west to see the national park and ended up eating in a tower with the gorgeous view.





When driving around there we stumbled upon another place for what i don’t have enough words to describe how amazing it was. Even if the weather was rainy, it was beautiful. The water, the mountains, the sand,all the natural surroundings and even a deer was freely walking around there. We went snorkelling and saw the colourful underwater world. We saw fishes in all colours, shapes and sizes and many other fascinating creatures. Even one looking like noodles, just some noodles attached to each other, looking for food in the sand.







After this trip, we moved closer to the beach to enjoy the sun as much as possible before we leave. I tried to surf again and took a teacher this time. I have to admit it was still pretty hard. Even though we went to a beach with smaller waves, the waves were still strong and it was hard to go out there. I did get up a few times, though, yipii. The board was covered with some material more suitable for beginners but i got blisters from it on my fingers and my knees hurt like hell, which made surfing harder.

The last days of my great experience:

 Enjoyed the beach as much as possible.

 Beach with coal black sand.


Very ticklish fishy pedicure.

 Our favourite restaurant Warung Tukuh (best food, best prices) and the waiters.


Said bye bye to the cute dogs we had 🙁

This whole experience has been one of the greatest in my life. I am so grateful that i had the chance to live six months in Bali, to experience the foreign culture, the odd cuisine, meet many interesting people and enjoy every day of it. Even though some things were not so great, those made the experience. Countless times we got a flat tire on the road. The insane honking of the vehicles. The “business strategy” of the shop sales assistants – yelling,: “Yes miss”, “yes sir” or just “yes,yes,yes” to every passing tourist as an invitation to visit their shop, offering random things without knowing what the customer is looking for, in the market following the tourist and yelling out random products, or even looking in the plastic bag of the tourist to see what she just has bought because obviously you have something better to offer. Not spicy means spicy. People, who don’t speak English giggle rambunctiously if you are trying to speak with them. The ridiculous skin whitening. The uncomfortable staring. So many countless things that made me so much richer in experience and knowledge.

My trip was just priceless!
Anyone, who gets the chance to travel, do it without a doubt. And don’t just go with your best friends to a hotel in a touristy place and stay on the beach and go clubbing, but do go alone, get out of your comfort zone, meet new people and do crazy things. You will learn more in a month than you learned years in school!

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