Thailand. Bangkok.

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

Now i know why people fall in love with Thailand. Beautiful, controversial, delicious, joyful, breath-taking, colourful,  wild… I am very happy to have the chance to visit even a small part of it together with my mother.


During my visit, I had some mixed feelings. Everything to me was exotic and beautiful and i was happy to spend time there but on the contrary, it made me sad as well. It is sad to see how human egoism and selfishness is destroying the beauty of the earth. There were so many tourists, ignorant, uneducated and their actions will put an end to the beauty eventually. I can imagine how much more astonishing, peaceful everything was twenty, thirty years ago, but now it is all full of people and the beauty is diminishing. It is even hard to make a picture of places for your memory without having some strangers on it. The trash. It annoys me so much that i actually started to cleaning the small remaining rain forest in Phuket from plastic, even though i know the next day there will be more. It sickens me that tourists are feeding the monkeys snickers bars so they could slowly die, albeit fruit is everywhere.


 Back to a happier tone, my trip was very awesome. It was too short, like always, but during the short time i got to spend the time best possible way. The first day and the next morning was spent in Bangkok, which is a crazy massive city and i also saw only a little of it. The rich and the poor go hand in hand. There are massive buildings but beggars as well. There are ladyboys and many white older men with young Asian women. There are happy, simple people.  It is very colourful and a lot of people going around.

We visited the Grand Palace, to see the golden Buddha. The buildings of it were beautiful indeed, but i did not enjoy it as much since it was extremely crowded.


Obviously going in a temple requires appropriate clothing. I know i have to be covered, but in thirty degrees you want to be as least covered as possible. I did some research and your shoulders need to be covered and you have to have your knees covered too. Thus, i took a scarf to cover my shoulders so after visiting the temple i can just toss it in a bag. Unfortunately, everybody, who had their shoulders covered with a scarf were forced to buy a T-shirt. If you are ever going to visit the Grand Palace, please do wear sleeves.

After being in the crowd and under the sun for a while we needed something refreshing, so we took a canal cruise. I enjoyed it very much. You can see how the locals live on the canals, the upper and lower class both. After the cruise, we ate some delicious street food and we had the best beer ever since we had been thirsty for a while. My six month trip in Bali made me a bit scared of the local food in Asia. I really cannot eat spicy food. Thailand surprised me positively. The local food was so tasty and not spicy at all. Of course, they offered spicy sauces, but separately beside the dish so if you wish you can make your mouth burn. Later that day we explored the city some more. We went through a street market. I found it funny and bizarre that they were selling vibrators and bongs on the street. My must do list also included a drink on a rooftop building to see the view on the huge buildings.

The next day we had the morning and afternoon till our flight to Phuket. I really wanted to visit the floating market, but they open very early and mostly you need to book a tour to visit it. Still jet lagged we decided to sleep longer and visit China Town instead to see the celebrations of the Chinese New Year.

Bangkok was very interesting indeed. We stayed in a local house owned by lovely Koreans in a city centre. They gave us many tips. For instance, if you sit in a taxi without settling down a price before, you will be screwed. Also, those tuk-tuks are overly priced, regardless we still wanted to ride one. We got a crazy one as well, who could not stop speeding and we had to hold our hats. It was definitely fun. We did some shopping as well on Khao San road, which was one of the cheapest. My cash finished fast and i bought quite many things already on the first day. I also noticed that i could buy a drivings licence or a new passport, visa or whatever documents you needed on the street.

After learning how to deal with the taxi drivers we finally managed to get to the airport with a very decent price.

To be continued… Phuket!

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