Karosta prison- would you dare?

Hi there! Again long time has passed since i have posted anything. I have been meaning to. I even have had a draft post ready for a while, but got busy with my final thesis and travelling back home to Estonia.

Talking about my final work… I am researching a new hotel in Latvia. Namely Karosta prison hotel,
which is unique worldwide offering tourists the opportunity to spend a night and get the real soviet time prisoner experience; having no comfort in a cold cell, the guards will be yelling at you and if you misbehave you might be punished with physical exercise or cleaning works. The prison also has a dark history and many people were killed there. Would you be willing to spend a night? If that is too extreme you can also get a few hour tour as a prisoner. They also have some team games there or you can just to sightseeing if everything else is too much for you.

So i am researching the motivation for people to visit such a site. Why would anybody want such a crazy experience? If one of you, my dear readers, would be interested, please also fill in my survey about it. It is anonymous and takes only about five minutes.
Survey: https://agnez0.typeform.com/to/tWA6UD
It would help me a lot with my graduation. Thank you very much!

If you want more information about the unusual tourist attraction, here are some more links to it: http://www.karosta.lv/en/kac-4/ ; www.karostascietums.lv
Have a look, it is a pretty interesting:)

Now that i have done my advertisement, i will get back to work. And soon i will also post all about my lovely home Estonia and more about Amsterdam as well. I promise!


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