Liepaja city in Latvia. The dark tourism attraction.

“Stars, hide your fires; let not light see my black and deep desires.”
I have been really busy with my final thesis, which is why i have not written anything here either. Must graduate! In the beginning of September i went to Latvia to the prison hotel about what i am writing my final thesis. Tourists can spend there a night as a prisoner or take a tour and be treated like a real prisoner. I was researching the motivation for people to do that.
 Since it is not a mass tourism destination i did not really meet tourists there with whom to do the tour as a prisoner so i got a private tour around the prison. One of the workers was really nice and showed me around. This prison was not actually a classical prison where people were locked away, but a military prison for soldiers, captains or other, who had done something wrong and needed to become better. For instance, if some soldiers drank alcohol or thought about being with girls they were put there. Then they had to do chores all day long or exercise. The cells were just like a box out of stone with nothing in it. They slept on few wood planks and that was it. The whole floor shared two toilets two times a day and there were no showers. Captains had a bit better conditions. Soldiers who committed bigger crimes like stole something, had a private prison cell from where they were not allowed to leave. Here are some pictures of the prison and few other spots in the city.








Unfortunately, I have fallen really ill having a kidney infection and the doctors here have not been very helpful.  I am slowly getting better and gaining my strength back after almost a week of fever and horrible pain, so i took the chance to finish up this post after ages. A few weeks ago i handed in my final thesis and now i am anxiously waiting for the results. And the future? I have no idea!

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