Home sweet home.

“Always remember to fall asleep with a dream and wake up with a purpose.”
Where was the summer?
Maybe people in the South haven’t asked that question, but the Netherlands skipped summer and went straight to autumn. Together with my boyfriend I went to the beach once and it started to feel cold so we left. I had my first and only swim in the summer in a pond in a park. Thanks to owning a balcony, I have managed to get my arms somewhat tanned, because if i am home and the sun is up i will use it as much as possible. The sun might never come back so better get hundred percent of it. Also, i went shopping to get some new summer clothes. I still haven’t been able to wear them.
I am a bit sad that there has been no real summer here, but on the other hand, i have been trying to enjoy it as much as possible. And i have been working a lot so i can save up money for my unknown future. Everybody keeps bugging me what will i do after i graduate. I know it is a natural question, but i don’t have the answer, i did not have it yesterday and probably won’t have it tomorrow, but i know i will figure it out exactly when it is necessary. Some people were already born knowing what they will do, but not me. I do have humongous dreams and hopefully, i will accomplish them one by one.
The highlight of my summer was visiting home, Estonia. Like last year, i was lucky with the weather too. The summer started when i arrived there. When i came back to A’dam people were doubting if i actually went to Estonia or i lied and went to the Caribbean’s or Spain instead because i got a nice chocolatey tan.
When i arrived and reunited with my family we decided to see the TV tower in the capital, where you can walk on the edge of it, which is 170 cm above the ground. I thought it is really scary and on the pictures it looks like i am about to do a bungee jump, but actually it was very secure and had a nice view. There i realised how much forest and nature Estonia has. The forests here in the Netherlands are rather parks with few trees in it, while in Estonia they are thick and you can get easily lost there. Two brothers managed to hide in the woods for fourteen years to avoid serving in the Soviet army.
Then we went to the zoo. I don’t even remember when i last visited the zoo. As i heard a lot has changed and the animals are living in much better conditions. During the soviet times, the zoo was not very well organised. Still they need to do some improvements since not all of the animals have moved to a new improved environment.
I have to admit that i have never been in a big festival before. There are so many here in Holland, but i have not had the chance to go or i am also not into some music. This year Estonia organised a big festival in the summer capital Pärnu where well-known names like David Guetta, Tiesto, Chase & Status, Hardwell and much more. The festival lasted three days, but I went only for one day. I am actually glad since i am not sure if i would have liked to be in that mass of crowd for three days. I feel like this event was once in a lifetime thing unless somebody i am a huge fan of performs. I do not really like mass crowds consisting of drunk and on dope idiots. I prefer smaller parties. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed it.
(Photos not taken by me, author unknown)
And you know the rest of the drill: friends, family and as much as beach time as possible. And my sweet dog!
That was my awesome trip to home.

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