Taking crazy things seriously is a serious waste of time.

I have met so many tourists, who have completely fallen in love with Amsterdam. It is a great city, but there are quite a few downsides to it too. And not just the greyish, windy, rainy weather. You will meet a lot of crazy people and not always the good kind of crazy that they are interesting, or a pleasant kind that they mind their business on their own. Many people are either drunk or on drugs or just messed up and they need to bother everybody. I do not mind when people are dancing and singing on the street and enjoying life, they are wild and free and pose no threat.

Despite the drugs and prostitution I generally still think that Amsterdam is safe, but it attracts quite a number of shady people. There are a lot of drug dealers of course and a lot of thieves like in any other big cities. Also, there are too many scammers. Like I have mentioned in my previous posts, it is very difficult to find a place in Amsterdam, thus, there is a big opportunity for scammers to earn great money for offering a non-existing apartment. People are desperate and they will pay a lot of money in advance for nothing. So if anybody is planning to move to Amsterdam, be aware and make sure the place you will get is real.  Also, renters or agencies earn a lot of money from the business. They ask for a large commission and people will pay anything to get a place to live.

Talking about shady people, the other day I had rather amusing experience. As usual, I take the metro home after 10p.m. and a bit tipsy strange guy who is speaking loudly enters the same metro. Suddenly, he opens his pocket and pulls out a white rat. Everybody gasps or even screams slightly. One couple cannot stand to stay there anymore and they change seats. Another guy next to him is relaxed and politely replies when he is speaking with him. He even lets the crazy guy put the rat on his lap. To me, this was a funny sight. After the younger man left off at his stop, I was the only one around nice to the crazy man. When he tried to speak with everybody I was the only one to answer. He was a bit strange but very funny. The man told me that it was his birthday and that he is not a homeless guy. He even showed me the stack of keys around his neck to make sure that I would not think that he is homeless. Then he told me that he found this poor rat and decided to keep it and it became his sweet pet. As sweet as any other. Then he showed me how he taught the rat to give him a kiss and then they even shared a beer for his birthday. Then my stop came and I wished him Good evening!

Anyhow, I think it was kind of sweet. He was funny and I was laughing  even when all the others were looking in disgust. If one day somebody will pull a big snake out, I might consider changing my seat.

Lately, I have been depressing myself a bit and putting too much pressure on figuring out what is my next step in life. Theoretically, I have graduated just waiting for my ceremony to receive the tangible evidence that I am smart. Or at least tourism management smart. People keep asking me what am i going to do now. I truly have not figured out yet what I want to do next. But then I thought to myself, why to stress and why to rush things. I do not want to run quickly to a dull office job, which makes me unhappy and stressed, even if it has better pay and looks good on my resume. I think when the time is right something good will come up. Of course, I started looking to see my options, but I do not want to stress. I want to be happy and enjoy. My job will take most hours of my day so it better be good.

I have been actually taking some time for personal development. The final school years take all the time so now I decided to purchase a book and I decided to learn a little Italian independently. I wish to speak at least five languages fluently in the future.

I tried hot yoga. When I moved to my new place I noticed that there is a yoga studio here. Yoga has become very popular and I myself sometimes do it at home too, to loosen up some muscles from tension. When I saw that the yoga studio practices hot yoga, in 40 degrees celsius, I decided I should try it out. I read a lot of articles beforehand on how to prepare for it since it not easy. I was afraid that maybe I am not able to do any of the poses, maybe I need to run out of the room, maybe I will puke or just faint. Having such low expectations of myself helped to boost my confidence after the class when it turned out that I managed to follow the whole class and came out more flexible, energetic, happier and damn sweaty.

My other plans include keeping taking photos to improve myself in photography. It’s a fun hobby. I went strolling a couple of times just to take pictures of the surroundings. Often I find myself  capturing the canals and the bridges. They are so beautiful!

Now that school is over I am finally wild and free. It is a little scary but also exciting. Living in Amsterdam for four years showed me that this is not the city for me. I need to continue my journey and discover new places and finally find the one…

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