Santorini, Greece.

“You don’t develop courage by being happy in your relationships everyday. You develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity.”


Meanwhile, in Amsterdam, my non-student life has become far more expensive. The Netherlands funds students greatly and supports education. As a student, you have free transportation and get free money every month from the government if you are an EU citizen. If not, they have some other supports. Now i am motivated to exercise more and i am trying to bike ten km to work and another ten back every time to save over 5 euros from public transportation. If only the weather in Amsterdam would be great I could bike every day. Unfortunately, most of the days I am defeated by the heavy rain and powerful wind.

After my graduation, my mother made me a great graduation gift to go to Greece for a vacation. We visited the biggest island of Greece- Crete.

Crete is wonderful! The first day we, of course, sunbathed, even though it was a little cloudy. For the next day, we already booked a tour to another island, Santorini. This is the famous beautiful island where blue and white colors dominate. Indeed it was breathtaking and it is a magnificent destination for weddings.

The bus took us through the island and made stops so we could get off and go for a stroll and make some photos. We also had a nice lunch break there. We had a bunch of free time to discover its shopping street where I bought a massive ice cream with three balls and discovered that I am not able to eat it fast enough so it melted all over me. Anyhow, let the pictures do the talking.

























The blue and white Santorini was definitely worth a visit!

The last stop of the tour was optional. We could go and swim by a volcano where we were told that the water is so nice and hot and feels like taking a warm bath. Of course, we went there. When I jumped in the water was shockingly freezing and I had a small panic attack. Turns out only some spots were very warm and you had to swim around to find them. Nevertheless, now I can say that once I swam next to a volcano.

And then it was time do go back to Crete…

…Don’t worry, I will tell you more about the rest of the trip that we spent on Crete.



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