Amsterdam from the port.

“There is no illusion greater than fear.”
It is the time of the year when I am getting younger again. I used to organise big parties before, but now I find it unnecessary, especially when my head is full of huge dreams and my priorities on what to spend money on have changed.
My birthday started with visiting my boyfriend’s mother on the cruise ship she works on. I received a bunch of presents, eat a little too much and drank one cocktail too many. Luckily the weather was great so after the cruise ship visit, we headed out to the city to drink some beers under the sun and went for all you can eat sushi. I guess there is never too much sushi!
Now that I am free to do whatever I want, I have started to think about my future and what should I do. My dreams scare me, but otherwise they would not be big enough. I wish to travel the world. Since I am not filthy rich I need to plan it good, but hopefully, my beautiful dreams will come true.
While I am daydreaming about travelling, I will share some pictures of my sunny and tipsy day.









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