Throwback travels.

I’m back in Estonia! It’s so good to be home, especially when it is much warmer here than in Amsterdam. I stumbled upon my family’s old photo albums and found some funny travel pictures.  I started travelling already at a young age and fell in love with it. I decided I will share a few of those old photos to show where I have been as a kiddo, way before I could blog about it.
The Chinese Wall. I climbed it when I was twelve years old. We went there in March 2005, and I bet there were a lot fewer people then. I have seen the photos taken now and it looks chaotic. Mass tourism really ruins places. I don’t know why I look so serious in the photo. Must have been a looooong walk.
Of course, I bought some fake brand sneakers in Beijing. They were too cheap and there were too many choices. It was a must.
The next picture is taken in Morocco that I visited in 2006. I went to Agadir and Marrakech. When I went there with school last year, I visited some of the same spots again. Morocco was one of my favourite holiday destinations at that age. The beach was wonderful with amazing waves, the people were friendly and the food was great. Even though I was young, Moroccan men paid a lot of attention to me. One man walked five times past the restaurant we were eating at. Another man offered 200 camels to my parents so I could stay in Morocco with him. Back then the attention did not bother me so much as now when I have grown a lot.


In Marrakech. I would not make the same picture again as the one below. Now I am more aware of how animals are badly used for tourist products and I do not want to support this. I found something very funny in this photo, though. I was already wearing a marijuana necklace. Going to study in Amsterdam must have been my destiny.


The last one was made in Gran Canaria on a banana farm. I was sick on the arrival to Gran Canaria, but as soon as I saw the sea the fever dropped immediately and I went swimming in the sea. This picture is taken in 2003 when I was ten years old. This was my first exotic trip, before that I had been to Latvia and Finland and other nearby countries that are less exotic to an Estonian.
What memories! Soon I’ll let you know what I’m up to in Estonia.

18 thoughts on “Throwback travels.

  1. Wow so many cool destinations you visited as a child, you are the lucky one you could travel already in early age. 🙂 Anyway, it is always nice to look back at your previous travel photos and recall all those awesome memories.

  2. Wow so many fun adventures! Did you have a favorite place you visited? I was tired at the Great Wall of China too! Lol

  3. This photos were very fun. It is amazing how our travels, and we personally, change over the years. You have inspired me to take a look at some of my old travel photos. I’ll bet I have some of which I’ve totally forgotten. How fortunate you were to travel young and that you continue to do so.

  4. I can totally relate to your story. I was lucky to have visited some interesting destinations myself as a child. And I have saved the snaps from each one of them. Somehow, that was a much more interesting period of travel since I didnt have to worry about anything and just enjoy

    1. It’s true. It was easier to travel because parents took care of everything. Now I know there is also a lot of work behind a successful vacation.

  5. What a great throwback blog! I didn’t do a lot of travelling as a child, but hubby did. He just complains about the boring destinations he was brought too.. It’s also harder to really enjoy a place when you are small.

    1. I guess it depends on where are you travelling to. I loved all my trips and could not wait for the next one. My parents took me to places where I could have a lot of fun. Maybe if they would have only taken me to long walks to listen to monotone guides, I probably would have been bored too.

  6. It’s a bit of a sad situation in Marrakesh to have the monkeys chained and used for tourism. I was there first hand. I agree it’s not a pleasant part of travels at all and I learned that over time as well.

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