Overdose of windmills- Zaanse Schans

Before leaving the Netherlands, there was another must see attraction I needed to check off my list. That was the cute little windmill village Zaanse Schans.

If the weather would have been beautiful on the day we went there, we would have seen views like this :


Unfortunately, on the day we made the trip it was pouring rain non-stop. I just wanted to show off some of my new photoshop skills and pretend it was sunny. I’m still going to be honest with you and keep the rest of the photos cloudy as it was. You can’t control the weather when you travel and you should not let the weather control your trip either. Sometimes cloudy and rainy pictures can turn out even nice and add a little mysterious tone on them. And you still leave with a new experience.

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Despite the weather, there were very many people at the site. The restaurant had a half an hour waiting list and when taking pictures, constantly people photobombed them.

The village was so cute! I cannot understand how some people live there surrounded by windmills and loads of tourists passing by every day.  I would be very annoyed actually. It is very beautiful but full of tourists passing by your house and taking pictures of it. If you want to go for a walk or for a run it is never peaceful.

All the windmills have a different labour purpose.  The whole area smelled like chocolate due to the chocolate factory and museum there. The village had tiny shops to sell cheese, chocolate or souvenirs and as a must, you can get your fresh share of waffles.

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There is no entrance fee to go and walk around, but to visit the museums and the windmills you need to pay a small price. You can enter all the windmills and in some you can visit the top too, on others, you can visit its museum inside and learn about its purpose and history and how it was made.

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I would have definitely loved it more when it would have been sunny. It would have been nice to sit on the grass and have a little picnic. It was still worth a visit and I would definitely recommend it when you visit Amsterdam. You can take a bus there from central station, which takes you there only in twenty minutes and was slightly cheaper than other options.

That was my last attraction in the Netherlands. Who knows when or if I will ever go back ?

Let the new adventures begin!

18 thoughts on “Overdose of windmills- Zaanse Schans

  1. Ha, These windmills are great! I’ve not seen windmills that look like they are sitting on top of houses! Nice quote about not letting weather control you! Something I’ve had to learn since coming over to the UK were it rains a lot and I came from a sunny place! Still difficult to adjust but I just get on with it 🙂

  2. This is what Netherlands look for me like – vintage windmills 😉 I would love to see this place one day, looks like a really good option for a weekend-escape.

  3. I got very good at taking photos in rainy or cloudy weather while living in Scotland this summer! I think not-perfect weather adds a touch of drama and intensity to photos. I kind of prefer them, because it shows that it’s a real place! I adore windmills, and they’re one of the main reasons I want to visit the Netherlands! They always look so charming. Hopefully some day I can get there!

    1. That’s true. It is so much easier to take photos in perfect weather, but difficult conditions teach you better. I hope too, that one day you can visit this cute place 🙂

  4. Windmills have always been fascinating to me. Too bad about the weather but it looks like you had a good time anyway! I’ll definitely add this to my to do list!

  5. This is great! When I was in the Netherlands I didn’t see too many windmills and was so bummed! Now I know where I need to go to see them 🙂 It’s too bad it was raining while you were there, but you made the most of it!

  6. Such a bummer that the weather didn’t cooperate. We know that is never in our control, but it certainly can rain on your parade when traveling. Looked like this was worth the trip! I know what you mean about places that are over touristed. I can imagine the residents get sick of the constant traffic.

  7. Its really an OD of windmills, but visiting the Netherlands and come home without getting some pictures of windmills and of tulips is facing to check some major items on the list.

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