And once again I arrived home.


Before starting my adventurous life I definitely wanted to go home first to see my friends and family. This time, I had to pack everything with me since I was permanently moving out of Amsterdam. Ooh, how I hate moving. You will find out how many useless things you have collected over the years. I donated and sold a bunch of things before moving out and still I had too many things.


When I went to Schiphol airport to catch my flight to Estonia, I looked ridiculous. First let me mention that against the odds on that day in both cities, in Amsterdam and Tallinn, the weather decided to be fabulously hot with 30 degrees outside. Seeing that I had too many things that did not fit into my luggage I was forced to wear my spring/autumn jacket, my summer jacket, my favourite super warm sweater and my floppy hat.

Like this, I was walking around with my check in luggage, my hundred kilos weighing backpack and my purse. I looked so stupid that at the security gate for the first time I had to unpack literally everything from my bags. They checked even inside my wallet, my medicine bag and other smaller places. The security guy asked me to take out my camera. Then I announced that I have even two of them he labelled me as the rich bitch. I doubt that rich people travel looking, such hobos like I did.


Before going back to my city I had some time to stroll around in the capital. I managed to look like a complete idiot tourist in my own home country. The pilot told us on the aeroplane that it is 16 degrees in Tallinn, thus I left only one of my jackets at the airport lockers and kept all the rest with me. Later I discovered that it is nearly 30 degrees.

Walking around with a big camera and a backpack some Estonians approached me in English. That moment I realised that I look like a complete tourist. One famous Estonian singer even came to me to let me know that my jacket was falling off… in English. I guess I have been away for a very long time!

Tallinn (6 of 9)

On full tourist mode, I also took some pictures of the city. I noticed that it has become much popular internationally than it used to be. Most of the time I was walking around in the old town. I like how medieval it looks. The city organises some matching performance for tourists as well. One completely covered guy with a whip was managing another boy who was dragging a carriage where a “slave girl” was tied to. It was funny and strange combined and to see all the looks on the tourists face when they saw such a random thing.

Tallinn (1 of 9)

Tallinn (2 of 9)

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Tallinn (9 of 9)

Tallinna (1 of 1)


After getting a proper dosage of medievalness, I finally met up with my mother. We were both starving so we run to a restaurant and enjoyed a fabulous dinner. Then the two-hour-long ride to my hometown could begin…

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