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Seems like every summer one some attraction becomes very popular in Estonia and every single person has to go there. Last summer Rummu, the Soviet time prison turned into a beach, was the must see place. Because I am rarely home, I feel like I should follow the trends. What else have I going on at home anyway?

This summer my Facebook feed was full of pictures of bog hikes. I and my mom were planning to go to a spa, so I cleverly added a nearby bog into our route. We went to Meenikunno bog.

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From the looks of it, it does not appear very interesting. Some flat land with a path in the middle. Actually, the whole landscape is very mushy and you cannot walk on most spots because you will sink in deep and it is hard to get out. And no one knows where the bottom in all that flora and water is. Due to that, you need either a guide or somebody strong to pull you out, if you would like to jump into that mess.


Later on, the trail in the bog ended and another one started in the forest. We decided to continue, even though it will be a very long walk. The walk in the forest was much fun because the trail was rather challenging. There were spots under water or very muddy and it was difficult to cross them.  Some rocks or thin, about to break, logs were only helping you. There was quite a lot of climbing to do and the land was not very solid and reliable either. Often I stepped on a spot, sunk in  and felt the water flowing into my sneakers. As a result, my legs got very tired and wet, but we had a lot of fun. After all that, the spa was the best idea.


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Traditionally we went slightly off the trail and added some extra kilometres to our hike. Thanks to our smartphones we found a way back to our car.

I recently watched an Estonian comedy about going mushroom picking. The main characters got lost in the forest. It was funny in the movie, but in real life, it can be scary as hell. The forests in my country are very thick, unlike the Dutch call three trees together a forest.  The trees are long and don’t let much sun in and you can easily lose a sense of direction. Everywhere you look the sight is the same. Trees, trees and trees. Maybe the road was that way?

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Now I’m all caught up with Estonian life and I am probably ready to go discover Romania. Probably because it will poke my comfort zone going to an unknown country again. The weather forecast made me already happy announcing that the whole week will be sunny with thirty degrees outside. Finally summer !


24 thoughts on “Estonian bog hike

    1. Thank you! I also have visited Finland a couple of times: Helsinki, Turku and visited Santa Claus. I would also like to explore more, especially the nature 🙂

  1. Seems like a nice place for a day outing.. Estonia as a whole seems like an interesting place.. I would prefer countries like these and capturing such hidden treasures than usually popular tourist destinations like paris, rome etc. when i do a Euro trip.. Thanks for sharing

  2. This looks like such a unique hike! The scenery is gorgeous and everything I have seen about Estonia has made my jaw drop. Also, visiting a spa after a long hike or day of walking sounds like the best idea ever!

  3. Looks super cool! One of my favorite things to do when I travel is just walk around/go on a hike and enjoy the landscape. This hike looks really unique- don’t come across bogs very often. And the photos here are amazing. Very artistic

    1. Thank you! Yes the bogs are unique here and more adventurous people can jump in and feel the endless bottom, which is also a peculiar experience 🙂

  4. What a cool hike!! I’m always looking for new and interesting hikes/walks to go on. I’ve never heard of a bog hike before, but it looks like it would be really interesting. Although the thought of falling in the bog and not being able to get out sounds a bit scary. Especially if no one knows where the bottom is!

    1. Thank you! Yes, falling in is a bit scary but you can always take the hike with experienced guides who can drag you out. This way you can securely experience the scary and strange spots of nature 😀

  5. This looks like such a nice activity to do! I love being in tune with nature, so this looks perfect. You took some incredible photos too, Estonia looks beautiful.

  6. I haven’t ever come across a post on Estonia. So its great to know about Estonia. Looks like a really beautiful place. The photos look so cool! I love hikes and treks and this looks like something I’ll love doing when I come to Estonia.

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