Living the life in Baia Mare

As somebody who likes to work out, when travelling you might have some challenges finding the perfect place. Unless you are a runner and streets and roads exists where you are or prefer to work out at home. I like to attend some fitness classes and thus I went to seek one.

I found a nice one online, which also was the furthest from my house but still wanted to give it a try. My boyfriend was forced to take me there to check me in at the reception for the pilates class. In Baia Mare so far people’s knowledge of English is 50/50, except the younger generation seems to know it better. After my boyfriend helped me to register and told me where exactly I need to go, I also found out that the first class is free, woohoo.

There I went, up the stairs, and then suddenly realised I have no idea which one is the ladies changing room. If there even is a ladies one, maybe they are unisex? I already learned during my first day how male and female in Romanian is because no toilet here has a universal picture to guide tourist where to pee. Anyhow, those changing rooms did not have the same words that I already had learned. I started to wonder if there are  five different ways to say female and male like they have hundred different ways to say hi and bye here. Nobody was going in or out of those doors either, so I just had to take a chance and luckily succeeded.


The class started and the teacher noticed I am new. She approached me and I announced that I don’t really speak Romanian. Luckily she spoke English and there was even another expat in the class from Canada, who already knew Romanian though.  The funniest thing I noticed during the class was that people are very chatty and making jokes. People in Amsterdam are quiet and hundred percent focused on the exercises. Again a moment you notice you moved closer to the equator.


There are some tiny things you realise only when travelling. Especially when you don’t take a resort holiday but try to integrate into the local community. Sometimes things turn out to be a little bit hassle and other times a positive surprise.

I’ve started now wondering and pondering how to do this “achieve your dreams” thing. I’ve read tonnes of blogs already from people who just keep travelling, but sometimes I feel a little scared that what if it does not work out? Never mind, I’ll keep my chin up. At the moment being jobless I explored the magical internet and found a way to teach English online. This is mostly for little bonus money not really for earning and saving big bucks. Better than being a jobless couch potato, right?


During the weekend there was a big Chestnut festival here in the city. There were stalls of food, drinks and chestnuts everywhere. I had never eaten a chestnut before. To me, it tasted something between a nut and a smashed potato.

Chestnut festival


Another discovery I made so far is that every damn body seems to have homemade wine here. I have already experienced that home made is much stronger than the shop wine, but you will only realise it the next day. You will try to remember this fact, but forget it immediately when somebody offers you a glass.

Maybe I will be able to do some wine myself too. I’ll let you know!


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