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I realised I have not even talked much about the city itself or shown any pictures where I am. So where the hell am I ? MAP



The city

Baia Mare is a smaller scale city in Romania. Its population is around 100 000 similarly to my hometown Tartu. I must have already mentioned that there are mountains everywhere unlike in my hometown, which is completely flat. On the other hand, I would say it is less developed and offers fewer places to go out, has fewer shopping malls (one big one actually), smaller fitness centres and less other leisure time activities. But if you think about it, my home city is the second biggest city in Estonia, when Baia Mare is still a very small city in Romania. In that sense, I cannot compare the two cities because the countries are too different by the size. Smaller cities in Estonia have even less to offer. I have not seen the bigger cities or the capital of Romania yet but I know already it will be pretty huge for me.


Baia Mare


There are quite a lot of gypsies in the city.  I feel like gypsies have created a lot of negative image for the country, but it must be understood that gypsies and Romanians are completely different people. And gypsies do not determine the image of Romanians. People tend to forget that and only know about the gypsies and Dracula. In reality, there is much more to it. The food, the people, their music and even their alcohol- all offer a new cultural experience. And of course, there are many beautiful sights in the country that I have not discovered myself yet.


Baia Mare


Baia Mare is historically very important mining centre, where they used to mine gold, silver and many other metals. The mining industry has diminished for today and I guess people have moved on to work for various enterprises. There was a huge accident back in the days regarding mining. A dam at the processing plant broke and 70 tonnes of toxic chemicals and metal found access to the Tizsa river. It killed many fish, even lead  some species to extention, killed many birds and affected also the neighboring countries. Apparently it is Europes worst ecological disaster after Chernobyl. No wonder mining has diminished.


Baia Mare



It is interesting to observe the different culture here in a small city. There are so many small differences that you usually don’t think about. For instance, it is even exotic for me that they have so many grapes growing everywhere and they make a lot of wine, while my granny makes apple jam at home since our garden is flooded by apples. Somebody’s everyday life can be an excitement for others.

Baia Mare

Baia Mare

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  1. All of these pictures are gorgeous. I love learning about the culture and background of an area, it’s strange because I live in a mining town now and I’m sure that there are some similarities toward the attitudes about the mines no matter how far apart we might be. Thanks for posting.

  2. Your photos are making me want to go there RIGHT now! What a beautiful place! The first photo actually reminded me of a small town here in Mexico – had to scroll back up to see where this was again! Really great photography. Heading over to your Insta for more of your lovely photos!

  3. This city looks lovely! I have been to Romania, but didn’t get to Baia Mare. The architecture is beautiful and reminds me a bit of Austria. I must include this city on my next trip!

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