Stories from my phone

Most of the times I share only photos made by my beautiful camera. Sometimes I have to settle with my phone because the camera is too heavy to carry around on every occasion. I realised I have made quite a lot of photos with my phone but never told the stories behind them. So here we go!


Friday night art exhibition

One Friday night, after a couple of drinks I ended up at an art exhibition. I was sitting at the main square having some drinks when suddenly somebody from the group announced that there is an open exhibition at the old cinema. Not having much to do anyways there was no question if to go and visit it. I never learned the artists’ name. I know only that he was local and that he liked to capture different moments and people in Romania.











The exhibition was held in an old cinema. The building itself was already an artwork. Even though decomposed and looking abandoned, the place was awesome. You could smell the history. Looks like it used to be a cinema only for posh and upper-class people. Any architecture fanatic would be amazed.








Grapes and wine

As I have mentioned before, the wine making season has started. I was kind of hoping I will be spending one-day murdering grapes with my feet. Unfortunately, that was not the case and modern times have brought machines to do the work for you. So Instead I spent one Sunday morning picking grapes at a vineyard located right next to a graveyard. It was strange that we had to pass a graveyard to reach the grapes but once you were there, grapes were all you can see. We filled a whole horse carriage with grapes to make wine and juice. Juice was ready shortly but making wine takes some time. So there is nothing left to do but impatiently wait for the wine.







Food discovery

Eating chestnuts is a new discovery for me. All we do with chestnuts in my country is craft some animals out of them. I found out that there are different types of chestnuts, the edible and non-edible ones. My country was a little unlucky and can only do some handicraft while here in Romania you can use them as a delicious snack. You can boil or roast them. The taste is kind of confusing actually. It is like a mix of nuts and mashed potatoes added with a sweet aftertaste. Nevertheless, they are tasty and eating one will create a chain reaction and you just keep eating more and more.




Autumn in Baia Mare

Another day I ended up in a cabin a little outside the city. A party was held there and the best part of it was when it was finished and we had to leave. It was not because the party was really awful or something, but the autumny nature in the morning really took our breath away. Surrounded by colourful mountains and trees. We took a walk at first to a nearby restaurant but afterwards we had to take a taxi since the road home was too long. If only I had some energy and power to walk ten more kilometres because the sights kept getting better. I hope I can go back before the leaves completely fall off …




9 thoughts on “Stories from my phone

  1. I love that you are sharing moments from your phone! What a creative idea for a post! Phones can capture moments we just can’t get with our cameras sometimes.

  2. Oh my gosh, this post is full of thoughtful stories and smiles. Your photos are intriguing and entertaining. I love the chestnut story, and the incredible art exhibit in that charming old building.

  3. A great idea for a post. I’d imagine with all the pictures on your phone you could write hundreds of posts! I agree that you cannot take the big camera everywhere and that’s when the phone comes in useful. And these moments make great posts!

  4. This is a great post idea. We take dozens of photos on our phones and some go unused, even unseen. Great photos by the way!

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