On top of the mountain. Piatra Virgina.

” Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” Albert Camus.

Autumn has always been my least favourite season. I don’t even know why when everything around you is so bright and colourful. Maybe because usually, it does not last long and shortly becomes very dark and muddy. This weekend I went up on a mountain to enjoy the colours while they still last.


I could not recall ever hiking on a mountain before. And I doubt that I did some mountain hiking as a baby. So this was going to be my first experience going on top of a mountain on foot.  We headed to the virgin rock (Piatra Virgina) that was on top of not a very high mountain. As I heard around 200-300 meters. Thus I was not very afraid or did not expect it to be too difficult.



At one point I felt how my back started to become very sweaty and my non-smoker lungs told me to stop messing around. Suddenly, I remembered that I am afraid of heights too. The closer to the top the scarier it became and I was very afraid to slip and roll back to the bottom. The ground was covered with leaves so it was hard to find a stepping stone or anything to support on. Everybody could immediately see that I am a dumb tourist who has only lived on the flat ground till now.

Once we arrived at the top, the view was worth every effort. You could see the whole city and the other surrounding mountains. The fears were forgotten.



I don’t know why the big rock on top of the mountain was called the virgin rock. No one really knew. Neither did Google after I came home to look it up. Anyhow, I was happy I managed to climb all the way up and enjoy the view. We had to start heading back soon since it was getting dark. I was more afraid to go back because then I have to be looking down at all times. My boyfriend gave me some instructions on how to do it the best way and soon enough I was sliding from tree to tree without fear and was safely back on the ground.




I guess it was good hiking practice for such a beginner like me. Who knows where else I will end up one day and its good to have a little experience.

Virgin Rock

19 thoughts on “On top of the mountain. Piatra Virgina.

  1. That’s a really impressive view and well worth the hike to the top! I adore autumn and love seeing all the colorful leaves. It’s really one of my favorite times of year…although I enjoy everything but the winter, really! (I’m a bad Canadian) 🙂

  2. This looks like a beautiful day and not to mention, a gorgeous trail! My husband and I LOVE hiking so we’d like to check this out. Everyone has to start somewhere so I’m glad you did! It looks like it was definitely worth it. 🙂

  3. I love colors. And I love the colors of fall so much. When the leaves take different shades, the whole area seems so overloaded with beauty. I have so far witnessed in pics only, hope to visit somewhere for real to experience it

  4. The mountain looks spectacular. It seems to have decked itself up with the beautiful colours of nature in Autumn. The place has a dreamy quality and I am sure you have lovely memories of the trek to the mountain.

  5. The climb and the view from the top looks so beautiful. You need to get some step ups done before hitting a climb. Otherwise pains a lot in the ribs as if the lungs are burning.

  6. The view is lovely! My fiancié is afraid of heights as well and I would love to take him out for a hike, so I am thinking how to make him come with me 🙂

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