On top of a mountain vol2.

For someone who is fond of taking photos and travelling, the biggest tragedy is if something happens to the camera. One day my camera battery charger decided to leave me. I don’t even know what I did wrong to deserve this. It just vanished from my room into thin air. Thus, I am in desperate search for a new charger. I know some people are struggling to get food, but I am still a little sad for the loss. So I have to use my phone or my action camera. And now I sound like a complete asshole. Oh poor thing, she has to manage with her other camera…

Last Saturday I climbed on top of a mountain (small but I am proud), this Saturday I let my fat ass rest on the car seat till we arrived on top. We visited a place where you can snowboard and ski. Unfortunately, there was not enough snow on that day and for this reason, time was mostly used to grill and enjoy the view.

After all that “long talk”, I will share some pictures.




Baia Mare mountain

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