Some of my most memorable travel moments

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” – Mark Twain

Some days I feel a little nostalgic and like to remember all the memorable travel moments I have had. This happens especially when you are currently not on some awesome trip but are itching to go somewhere. Till I’ll go exploring again, I figured I can appreciate the great experiences I have had so far. So here are some of the unforgettable moments during my travels.

Swimming under the waterfall and fireflies in Bali

I will never forget the feeling how difficult it was to actually reach the waterfall. The Git Git Waterfall in Bali was a beautiful sight and it was possible to swim through it, get a hold of the rocks behind, climb higher on the wall and then jump back in. The current was very strong and you had to put a lot of effort in to reach the wall because the outpouring kept pushing you back. It was very difficult to breathe, too. After a few attempts, I realized I should swim underwater till I reach the other side and finally there I was. I climbed higher on the wall and jumped through the waterfall back to the water. Despite the struggle, it was much fun and an awesome feeling. And the day could not end any better when all the fireflies suddenly appeared at dusk and it felt like we are inside of a starry sky.

Getting a mild electric shock in China

I was pretty young when I visited Beijing. It was a proper cultural trip learning about the local customs and exploring significant sights. We visited a traditional Chinese medical center, where they explained us about traditional medicines and healing methods. Later you could purchase some medicines as well. I bought something that looked exactly like my bunnies poop at home. Glad I never mixed them up.

They also showed us something remarkable. One of the workers there took a simple light bulb and turned it on with his bare hands. He was channeling his own energy to make it happen. It was hard to believe and understand. After he asked our group to form a circle and hold each other’s hands and close our eyes. The same man now attempted to turn on the light bulb again and send some electricity through our bodies. While I was standing there, eyes closed and waiting, suddenly a strong momentary spark went through my body. That feeling was crazy and impressive at the same time.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo or a video of that event but I can share a photo of scorpions that I tried. They were pretty tasty.


Parasailing in Thailand

Sometimes I like to face my fears in hopes I’ll get rid of them. One of my fears is heights. After spending many days at the beach and watching other tourists parasailing, the idea of me trying it too started to seem better each day. I did a little encouraging speech in my head, “What are the odds that something bad happens, I could also die at home”, and went for it. No regrets!

The feeling and the view was wonderful! Sometimes I had some chills go through my body and I could hear myself curse a little on the video recording, but it was a money well-spent experience.


Drag Queen show in Gran Canaria

I had never been to a Drag Queen show at that time. Only later I had visited a show in Thailand and one drag bar in Amsterdam, but they could not top this one. In Thailand, it was all about costumes and choreography while in Amsterdam it was a small bar and the queen was singing popular songs from her heart. But the show I saw in Gran Canaria was hilarious.

The Drag Queen warned us before starting that the show gets quite dirty and if somebody minds being touched they can leave. Luckily the audience was all up for the jokes and happily participated in the naughty performance. I laughed so hard I was crying. At times she was walking around with a champagne bottle and made the audience drink it. When she reached me she whispered in my ear, ” Don’t worry it’s just water.” Being thirsty I took a big sip only to discover that it was something much stronger than water or even champagne. No regrets here either.


These are just some of the fun memories I’ve had. I’m very happy that I have been able to travel which has enriched my life so much. Let’s keep the adventures coming!

24 thoughts on “Some of my most memorable travel moments

  1. I’m coming to the end of a 9 month trip and I already know I’ll be itching to go again once I’m back in Blighty.

    I love your posts. It’s the little things that make the whole experience so rich and unforgettable. You had me at fireflies…

  2. I’m an adventure traveler so I really enjoyed reading about your experiences. We share a love of parasailing. But I don’t think I would eat the scorpions! Happy travels!

  3. The waterfalls in Bali are just the best! I gagged a little seeing that scorpion picture though haha. I’m scared of creepy crawlers as is so I can’t imagine eating them!

  4. I like the way you have added the Drag Show with the parasailing and waterfall swim 🙂 Each of these is shocking in its own way. Which is your favorite?

  5. Wonderful moments. Parasailing is particularly high on my bucket list too. Looks like you had a wonderful time parasailing in thailand. And even the swim right under the waterfall looks quiet exciting.

  6. Your first words hit right t home for me right now. We are feeling very nostalgic about our summer in Europe itching to create more memories. With that being said, your post is very refreshing. Some of your favorite memories like parasailing and swimming under a magical waterfall are on our list too. Glad to hear that they are worth memories to savor for many years 🙂

  7. OMG Parasailing in Thailand…that cannot be a more exciting sentence. What a place to parasail! 😮 I am super jealous.

    And in Bali (I have been itching to go for years now and just haven’t yet!) that waterfall looks gorgeous omg. Will definitely keep that Git Git Waterfall place in mind if I ever make it there!

  8. Looked like you had a lot of fun. I particularly loved your parasailing adventure and the waterfall experience. 🙂 I’ve tried parasailing before and the feeling was amazing!

  9. Wow – those are some unique experiences! I love experiencing local culture because it is so different from your own and it really makes your trip so much more memorable. Also, glad you are overcoming your fears! Good on you!

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