Mili Gorge

There are quite a number of gorges in Crete. The most famous and longest one is Samaria, which is 18 km long and rather challenging. I guess I need to gather myself a little before I will conquer that one. When I found out that I have one more day off before starting working I decided to walk the humble 4 km long Mili Gorge. A good choice for beginners, I guess.

I know this post comes rather late. I mean, I started working here already months ago and am only now writing about this gorge trip. Better late than never, right?

Anyway, I decided to bike there and back, which gave me some extra exercise. The way there went basically only uphill and after awhile it became so steep that I was not able to bike anymore. Plus it was like a sauna outside so I just continued crawling up with my bike by my side. To cool off a little, I managed to get my feet completely wet on my way there. I stumbled upon a big puddle. The whole road was covered by it and I would have had to go all the way back and take another route to avoid this puddle. I stopped and stared at the puddle for awhile. Should I risk it or not? The road looked like a decent asphalt road, so I was thinking there is no way It can be very deep and maybe I will just get a little wet. It turned out to be very deep and I was biking in ankle deep water. My shoes were completely soaked. Some construction men were greeting me on the other side with laughter. I’m glad I could entertain.


Finally, when I arrived near to the entrance of the gorge, I decided to leave my bike to some random courtyard and continue by foot. Nearby the entrance an extremely cute small dog with some ADD symptoms welcomed me. I took a huge liking for this dog since he was completely crazy and hyperactive and once in a while he kind of stopped functioning altogether. Then he stood at one spot until his batteries were charged again. The dog showed me the way to the gorge and guided me a little till I started to meet some other people on the way. Then he got too distracted and I lost him among the people and sadly had to continue without my fluffy guide.

The gorge was beautiful with a lot of flora and fauna and a tiny source of fresh water. Towards the top, the views got better and better, especially when the city and the sea started to be visible through the green hills. The paths were not very difficult to walk, but sometimes I felt my tiny lung capacity was being challenged and I had to take some breaks. Since it was the low season, I was hoping it was quiet there but surprisingly I started to meet a lot of people on my way. I wonder how crowded is it now…

Finally, all the way on top I enjoyed the view and took another tiny break. Then decided to head back again taking the same route. This meant I added another 4 km to my hike and it became a proper exercise. The way back was more downhill than uphill, which was kind of rewarding. The biggest reward, though, was biking back down the hills through the refreshing wind.

13 thoughts on “Mili Gorge

  1. That gorge looks so stunning! When I am looking at those photos am surprise you were able to bike there at the beginning! It seems easy but also a bit challenging but I guess I was worth it for that views! I really miss hiking and I would love to visit Crete one day!

  2. haha Awesome post! I enjoyed reading your story about meeting the extremely hyper puppy haha It reminded me of my own dog 😀 They are great biking/hiking partners! Beautiful pictures, I hope to visit Crete one day! Would you want to connect on Instagram?:)

    1. Sorry for the late reply, your comment got lost in spam. I started the walked near to villa Mili and went through it all until I hit the end that was the highway. The end was actually the official start point. Many people drive up there and then start walking but I went with a bicycle.

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