Kournas Lake and Georgioupolis

What to do when you have half a day to spend and you live in Rethymno? Option one: You visit Georgioupoli, a little village with a nice beach, a church in the middle of the sea, and a beautiful view of the white mountains. Option two: You visit Kournas lake, a beautiful nature getaway surrounding you with mountains, lake with cute little turtles and nice taverns to eat with a remarkable view. I choose… both of them!


It’s about a twenty-minute drive to Georgioupolis from Rethymno with a car and maybe thirty minutes with the public bus. The public bus was more fun while a lady starts yelling out all the bus stops: “KAVROOOS anybody going to KAVROOOOSSSS!?!?” and next stop: “GEORGIOUPOLIIIIIIIS, GERGIOUUUUUPOLIIIIII !!!! “ At least you won’t miss your stop and will not accidentally fall asleep.

The bus stop is just outside of the village, but the village is pretty small. I think it takes 15 minutes to walk from one end to another. At least seemed like it. I walked a little through the streets and then ended up at the beach and decided to visit the church first. You have to walk for a while on to get there. It’s really on the sea and the path is rocky and slightly challenging at the wet parts. Then you meet a bunch of scared crabs on the way. As soon as you make a move they disappear into the cracks.

Overall, I don’t understand how people have decided to build churches in the strangest, least accessible places. You can find examples like this all around the world. Here in Greece, I have found plenty inside of the canyon walls, in deep forested valleys or on top of a freaking mountain with no path there. The road to faith is not made easy. This one was rather easy compared to many others around the world but still, you have to go through quite some trouble to talk with God.

I wanted to make a drone video of the place because I think it would have looked really cool but maybe it would have been inappropriate!? I am not a person of faith so I don’t know. Anyway, it was decided for me that I won’t do it because my dumb head forgot one important cable at home. So I just lighted a candle instead, enjoyed the view and took photos with my other camera. Afterwards, I met a friend and went to eat before heading back.

Kournas Lake

Another day it was time to see Kournas lake. If you don’t have a car and do not want to go with a guided tour there, you can go to Georgioupoli first and from there take a little train to the lake. The train ride is quite funny and definitely attracts the attention of the people passing by. The ride takes you first higher on top to show you the view from above. Then the train makes a turn to head back at the lake where you can go off on your own.

This place is truly beautiful. I absolutely love it. It was actually not my first visit there. Kournas lake was on my agenda also last year during a holiday on Crete. This time I had my drone game on. Ohhh yeah.

Apparently, officially it is not allowed to swim there but everybody does it. There are even sun beds and umbrellas there. You can also rent a paddle boat to see the turtles. The view is amazing and it is an absolutely gorgeous place for lunch too.

I missed the last train back. It’s only like 3-4 km road back to Georgioupoli. Easy walking distance, right? After a while, it was not so easy anymore. Maybe, Agnes, you forgot that Crete is nothing like flat Estonia and there are actual mountains here ?!?! Also that you are carrying a heavy camera equipment and a bunch of other stuff, because traveling light is for wussies… My struggle was spotted by a lovely Greek couple, who picked me up and took me back to Georgioupoli. Thank you! From there I headed back home to plan my next adventures 🙂







9 thoughts on “Kournas Lake and Georgioupolis

  1. What a beautiful place! I loved the pictures. And you are so right that the road to faith is not made easy! You just have to see where a few of the temples in India are located – in such remote places!

  2. Georgioupolis looks so beautiful. It has that quintessential Greek look, full of beautiful blues and whites along the Mediterranean! cool post and photos.

  3. Such a fun-filled days. Both Georgioupolis and Kournas are beautiful places to be. I can imagine the peace that comes to staying here in contrast ronthe hustling of the city. Perhaps, that’s what the church consider. Serenity for a peaceful relationship with God.

  4. Georgioupolis is indeed a pristine and off beat destination in Greece. I was not aware of this place as I guess many others, probably that is something which adds to the charm of the place. It is so untouched by the trappings of commercialization. Lake Kournas looks ethereal and its emerald hue seems so captivating.

  5. Wow.. Kournas Lake looks really awesome! Love how the color changes from light green to blue.. Why isn’t it allowed to swim here? Good thing you had your drone. You’ve definitely captured some awesome shots! 🙂

  6. The place is definitely very beautiful. And it also has a typical greek vibe to it. Even I don’t understand why one would build churches in such places, since the place of worship should be easily accessible to everyone. Nevertheless, it is adding beauty to the whole region, isn’t it?

  7. Wow this lake is gorgeous! We were in Crete for our honeymoon but we never made it to Rethymno or Georgioupolis. Looks like we have a good reason to go back!

  8. The lake is just gorgeous. There is no way you cannot not get into that. Why are you not allowed though? Are there any tented accommodations available here? Would love to click the lake at all times of the day.

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