“Secret” beach – Seitan Limania

My boss likes to be spontaneous and call me in the evening saying: “Hi! Tomorrow you will have a day off”.  Alrighty, gotta make spontaneous plans myself to have some fun.

Seitan Limania

So I decided to rent a car to go to a secret beach. I can tell you all about it but you got to keep it as a secret!  Sadly, it’s not really a secret beach anymore and has been on the World Wide Web for a while and plenty of tourists go there. It’s a tiny beach called Seitan Limania nearby the former capital of Crete, Chania.

The drive to my destination seemed alright, except the last curvy part. With little driving experience, I had to think ahead if I could manage the road. What the heck, I’ll worry about it when I get there and hopefully won’t die. Since my plans were last minute too, this beach was not too far away and I could still get there before dark.

I was obviously the slow jerk on the road but dutifully made room for everyone to pass me. I was actually following the speed limits and often even exceeded the limits ( oops!) but still, I was slow as a snail compared to the locals. The driving rules are quite loose and they barely have traffic signs. In Estonia, I need to constantly follow the signs and sometimes one block already has different rules or speed limits than the next one.

Ride nearly to the beach was actually pretty easy and I made a small break in a bush before reaching the scary part. Just in case… The last part was a rollercoaster ride and scared the crap out of me. Figuratively luckily. Extreme curves after curves and I had to take really harsh turns. But I did it! And totally worth it. The beach was really beautiful, small and private.

Seitan beach is not developed yet. There were no toilets or places to enjoy your lunch. There was one man there selling beverages and I guess also renting umbrellas. After I had just driven through that crazy road, I was thinking how on earth does this man come to work here to sell these drinks forced to drive through it every single time. Obviously he is used to it but still, it is quite dangerous. Probably he has to deal with dumb tourists (one blonde right here) daily, who fail on that road. And he just comes there with his car, helps others to park and hoping people will buy something. He has no place to sit or no toilet or anything. I do not know how people like this do their jobs every day.

I did not stay for too long since I came late and the weather forecast showed rain for the evening. Decided to find another beach with a tavern where I could eat as well. Driving back through the curvy road was worse. My signature move is to get stuck on steep uphills and so I had to do it there as well. I asked the man working there some advice how is it best to drive uphill through those curves. Luckily, I managed and drove through it like some extreme safari. And once again I made it!

Talking about blondes… I barely had any battery left on my phone and was trying to find the second beach in the middle of nowhere driving through some small abandoned roads. Just took another risk of getting completely lost with a dead phone. Neither did I have credit to call someone. Another smart move. While I was driving, I was constantly thinking that if something happens, how could I get out of the situation. But nothing happened, except that sadly for me it was the end of the tourist season and everything was already closed. Not a single tavern to eat at. Alright then, I enjoyed the view at the second beach and continued to Chania for a lunch before heading back.

One stunning beach break!



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