Coba and the three cenotes

Who the hell goes to Mexico and does not visit a Mayan temple? If you did that then you need to get your lazy ass back here. Coba is one of the few you can still climb on top. It’s about a two-hour ride from Playa del Carmen, which meant something easy to plan for my day off. First, I needed to head to Tulum and from there switch to another public bus a.k.a the collectivo to Coba. The funny thing is that the collectivos do not run on schedule and they will wait until the whole bus is full. If you are lucky, you’re the last one in and ready to leave right away or you might just sit there for a half an hour.

Once everyone got on, the ride could start. This time, I was tripping on my own and was determined to also visit the cenotes near Coba. After we arrived, a lovely Russian lady realized that we are the only solo travelers so we could team up. Why not? I explained my plan to visit also the cenotes and that I have no clue how to get there and if we could make it to the last bus back. To my luck, she was up for this adventure.

First, we followed the tourists to the entrance of Coba. A massive jungle was awaiting us with some parts of the ruins in the middle. We followed some tour groups for free information and then decided to go straight to the main temple not to waste time. The last bus was still in our minds. Many people rented a bicycle or a tuk-tuk to go to Coba, but we have young feet to support us. Plus, I have not worked out in ages so a little walk would come only as a bonus.

The real workout was actually climbing the temple. I looked at it and immediately knew it will be scary for me. Be scared and do it anyway! And so I did. Luckily, there was a little rope in the middle for people scared of heights like me. I just took the rope for support and up I went. The stones were quite slippery which did not help my case. The awesome view was waiting for us, so I had to get over it. A massive jungle view. I wonder if there were some sizzling snakes, jaguars, and scorpions in those bushes.

We enjoyed the view and rested a little before leaving. I also had to gather up my courage to walk down. Walking down is always worse because you need to look down all the time and then you realize how freaking high up you are and how easily you could die. At least this is what I always think but then I do it anyway. Shaking and climbing… Always worth it! I slid down like a big baby, going super slowly and tightly squeezing the rope. Luckily, I was not the only idiot doing that.



Next step after a quick lunch was to figure out how to get to the cenotes. I googled that they are super close. It turned out there are only two ways to get there. One way is to rent a bicycle and go on your own, and the second is to pay a taxi driver to be your tour guide. We chose the taxi so we don’t have to carry our heavy bags. The price of seeing all the three cenotes was just slightly more expensive than paying for one and who knows when I will be back so we decided to do all of them- Tankach Ha, Cho Ha, and Multun Ha.

The first one we visited was Multum Ha. You had to walk down the stairs into an underground hole and it looked really cool. I did a little snorkeling there too, and it seemed super deep. The taxi driver said this is the deepest one around 7 meters. There were no fish, though. We took a fresh dip there, snorkeled a little and moved on for the second one.

Tankach Ha was the next stop. You could spot a few fishes there. In the middle was a tower to jump into the water. I skipped the jumping but took some proper time to swim and take photos. And finally, we visited the last one which was the shallowest but it had crazy cool fishes in it. Little black fishes with mustaches that were so curious and if I sat still, they came really close and surrounded me.

I loved all of the cenotes. Never seen anything like this anywhere else in the world. Definitely, beautiful once you go to Mexico you need to visit some. My first one ever was an open cenote and beautiful too. All of these were proper caverns that you needed to walk underground. It’s so quiet and peaceful there and the water is so clear. I also loved the view of Coba but the climb was challenging.

Not a bad day off. What’s next?


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