Diving with crocodiles… at night.

Never did I ever think that at one point in my life I will end up scuba diving with crocodiles. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? When I first heard that it’s possible, I thought that I would not be able to do it and I’ll probably poop my pants. But here we are and the pants stayed clean. Meanwhile, in Mexico, I moved to a different city, from Playa del Carmen to Tulum. My new company organizes a night snorkel or scuba diving trips with crocodiles. Without any cage as you might have seen some people doing. I hate the cage diving. For entertainment, crocs are often put in a small pool, people agitate them by teasing with meat so that tourists could take a selfy of doing something crazy. Same with great white sharks. They want actually nothing to do with you but people must poke them. I have met people, who actually dove with great white sharks freely. I have a completely new perspective of sharks now. They are often used in media as killers and have an evil image but in reality, they don’t find us delicious at all and there is a higher […]

A quick getaway to Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres- the romantic island where instead of a car it’s much better to drive a golf cart. I’m sold. Let’s go!   Since I have not worked in my company for long enough I have only one day off a week. It would be much better to spend a whole day on the island instead of wasting half the day traveling there and back. So we went there in the evening, spent the night and enjoyed the whole next day on the island. It’s a really short ferry ride from Cancun, felt like just 15 minutes and that’s it. The ferry was like a disco ferry with constant flashing colorful lights.     We booked a room in a nice little hotel there that even had a small pool and everything you need. Plus it was close to the ferry. During our first night, it was quite late already, so we looked for a spot for dinner and drinks first. We strolled around through those streets to see what they are offering and finally settled on one restaurant with nice live music. The rest of the evening we spent on the beach watching the stars.   […]

Coba and the three cenotes

Who the hell goes to Mexico and does not visit a Mayan temple? If you did that then you need to get your lazy ass back here. Coba is one of the few you can still climb on top. It’s about a two-hour ride from Playa del Carmen, which meant something easy to plan for my day off. First, I needed to head to Tulum and from there switch to another public bus a.k.a the collectivo to Coba. The funny thing is that the collectivos do not run on schedule and they will wait until the whole bus is full. If you are lucky, you’re the last one in and ready to leave right away or you might just sit there for a half an hour. Once everyone got on, the ride could start. This time, I was tripping on my own and was determined to also visit the cenotes near Coba. After we arrived, a lovely Russian lady realized that we are the only solo travelers so we could team up. Why not? I explained my plan to visit also the cenotes and that I have no clue how to get there and if we could […]

Lucha Libre

Lucha Libre a.k.a one of the craziest if not the craziest things I’ve seen. I don’t know if you have heard anything of Mexican wrestling before but all I imagined was some butchy dudes with full face masks. And well… it’s wrestling so it’s fake. Fake it was and ooooh how over the top acting. And the Oscar goes to… Anyway, one night I joined my friends to see the Lucha Libre match without too many expectations. In Thailand, I saw live Thai boxing and it was great. I pictured something similar except there will be funky face masks and wrestling instead of actual martial arts. The arena was quite empty, mostly locals but some tourists like us as well. And a bunch of kids. The first round was pretty funny. First came the referee and he looked hilarious. No offense man! Fat, smiley and nothing like a fighter. Then the real fighters came out and the match could begin. Fake slaps and a lot of fake cries of pain. Wrestlers rolling off from the arena dramatically holding their head or crutch. The second round was all about the ladies. This one was less fighting […]

The archaeological site of Tulum

It’s nice to have days off so I can actually explore! After my Greece experience, I appreciate days off so much. So where should I go this time? I know, let’s see Tulum! Tulum is known for its beautiful beaches, kind of hipster vibe and ruins of an ancient Mayan port city. This day was meant to see the Mayan ruins part of the place. Met up with some friends and an hour-long ride from Playa del Carmen could start. When we arrived, it was unfortunately raining. No better way to wait for the rain to go away than drinking a couple of beers. And gone it was! It does not take long to reach the ruins. Just one short walk till the entrance, where you can buy the ticket to the ruins. At the security gate, a little coati is casually stealing the guards sandwich. You will pass some jungle road first until you get to the ruins. The temples are not big but the landscape it covers is pretty big. From the ruins, you can see one of the most beautiful views ever which have become famous postcard photos and kind of symbol […]

Swimming with turtles in Akumal

I saw my first turtle in the wild ever here in Playa del Carmen when my base leader sent me snorkeling during work. Not a bad job, eh? I was so amazed by what you can see nearby from the shore. Bali and Egypt gave me some colorful snorkeling experiences but that can never beat a cute turtle. I just looooove turtles! One day I decided to visit Akumal, which is famous for its turtles chilling there. We initially wanted to go to the Yal-Ku lagoon near Akumal and then go to the turtle beach to meet with the cuties. There was a slight failure in the planning since the plan to visit Akumal was rather impulsive in the first place. We did not know that you can access Yal-Ku only by walking there from Akumal. The bus did not stop at the lagoon and there is no entrance from the highway. Plus to enter the lagoon it will cost you like 30 dollars. So never mind let’s just stick with Akumal beach. Walking down to the beach, we met a bunch of sellers trying to sell us tours to see the turtles or lifejackets and […]

Cenote Azul

Two months have passed by since I moved to Mexico and this, drumroll please, will be my first Mexico post. Better late than never, right? Never have I ever been to a cenote nor did I have a lot of imagination of how it looks like. So on my second day off here, I decided to visit one. On my first day off, I just wanted to lay on the beach to become more Mexican. Now it was time to discover something new. Cenotes are basically underground sinkholes and were the only source of water in the jungle for the Mayans. Some of the cenotes are really near to Playa del Carmen where I live. About 15 minutes with a public bus. There are a bunch of them just next to each other and I randomly picked one out to visit. Cenote Azul was the lucky chosen one. The public buses, or better called public vans aka the collectivos, do not have fixed times. You just go and wait for one to pick you up. If you are early, you need to wait till it fills up. Luckily mine was already full and my trip […]

Crete after 6 months

My Crete experience finished a while ago… I am clearly behind schedule on blogging. Anyway, I decided to share a little summary of my summer in Crete. The good, the bad and other funky stuff. I worked every freaking single day Challenge accepted and challenge completed. But never, ever again. Never! To work every single day is just crazy. I don’t know how come I did not lose my mind. Maybe I did but I just think I’m normal. Actually, it is very usual in Greece to work every day. If you are planning to come and work in Crete you can expect that. Some companies, of course, allow the workers to have a day off per week or some companies make it once a month. It’s all because during the winter tourists are gone and so is the work.  So you put all your energy in half a year. Big international companies, like TUI for instance, definitely will give you a day off but if you find something local you might not get that. When you feel like you know every single person Crete is a big island in Greece but in the end, […]

Matala – the hippie beach

Matala is the hippie beach of Crete, where hippies used to ( and some still do ) live in caves. Now you can visit those caves and see for yourself how a hipster life looks like. There are some hippie festivals during the summer and otherwise, it has a nice, chill atmosphere. I don’t even know why, but Matala was immediately on my wish list when I came to Crete. Not even some crystal clear waters or pink sand attracted me so much. Maybe I am a hippie at heart. When I finished working in Crete I had some days off for discovering and of course, I took my course towards Matala. It is quite a long drive from Rethymnon. About a two hour drive. The road there is not so bad because compared to many other roads in Crete this one is an asphalt road all the way there and rather wide. Only, the ride is much longer than I am used to and you know, in Crete one can’t escape hills and curves. I really like driving, except at times when the road gets so crazy that it slightly freaks me out.  One of […]

“Secret” beach – Seitan Limania

My boss likes to be spontaneous and call me in the evening saying: “Hi! Tomorrow you will have a day off”.  Alrighty, gotta make spontaneous plans myself to have some fun. So I decided to rent a car to go to a secret beach. I can tell you all about it but you got to keep it as a secret!  Sadly, it’s not really a secret beach anymore and has been on the World Wide Web for a while and plenty of tourists go there. It’s a tiny beach called Seitan Limania nearby the former capital of Crete, Chania. The drive to my destination seemed alright, except the last curvy part. With little driving experience, I had to think ahead if I could manage the road. What the heck, I’ll worry about it when I get there and hopefully won’t die. Since my plans were last minute too, this beach was not too far away and I could still get there before dark. I was obviously the slow jerk on the road but dutifully made room for everyone to pass me. I was actually following the speed limits and often even exceeded the limits ( oops!) […]