Mili Gorge

There are quite a number of gorges in Crete. The most famous and longest one is Samaria, which is 18 km long and rather challenging. I guess I need to gather myself a little before I will conquer that one. When I found out that I have one more day off before starting working I decided to walk the humble 4 km long Mili Gorge. A good choice for beginners, I guess. I know this post comes rather late. I mean, I started working here already months ago and am only now writing about this gorge trip. Better late than never, right? Anyway, I decided to bike there and back, which gave me some extra exercise. The way there went basically only uphill and after awhile it became so steep that I was not able to bike anymore. Plus it was like a sauna outside so I just continued crawling up with my bike by my side. To cool off a little, I managed to get my feet completely wet on my way there. I stumbled upon a big puddle. The whole road was covered by it and I would have had to go all […]