I missed the beach and sunbathing so much that I got really excited when we arrived in Phuket. Obviously, we had to immediately deal with the taxis. I and my mom thought we are getting screwed again, but actually, in Phuket they had legit taxi systems with fixed tariffs. I was told that the taxis are really inexpensive in Thailand. They did not have high prices compared to Amsterdam for instance, but they were not super cheap either, especially if you will be using the taxi every day. You can also rent a car or a motorbike, which will cost less if you will be moving around a lot. We arrived later in the evening and during the night, it seemed like our hotel is somewhere in the middle of a jungle. We had a nice pool, where we went for a dip right away. The next day obviously we wanted to spend on a beach as well. We had two beaches nearby, the Surin beach and Bangtao beach. Surin beach took our breath away right when we arrived there.Later we found out that Bangtao is much closer, also stunning, and has many shops and […]

Thailand. Bangkok.

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Now i know why people fall in love with Thailand. Beautiful, controversial, delicious, joyful, breath-taking, colourful,  wild… I am very happy to have the chance to visit even a small part of it together with my mother.   During my visit, I had some mixed feelings. Everything to me was exotic and beautiful and i was happy to spend time there but on the contrary, it made me sad as well. It is sad to see how human egoism and selfishness is destroying the beauty of the earth. There were so many tourists, ignorant, uneducated and their actions will put an end to the beauty eventually. I can imagine how much more astonishing, peaceful everything was twenty, thirty years ago, but now it is all full of people and the beauty is diminishing. It is even hard to make a picture of places for your memory without having some strangers on it. The trash. It annoys me so much that i actually started to cleaning the small remaining rain forest in Phuket from plastic, even though i know the next day there will […]

Last weeks in Bali.

“Travel. It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” And I am back in the thousand degrees colder Amsterdam! I already started missing the sun when i stepped on that plane. I haven’t been writing for a while so now i am trying to write down all the cool stuff that i did in the amazing Bali. After organising the marathon it seemed like there is nothing left to do for work and luckily so it was. More time for beach and enjoying the holiday. We had to help our company to start off a program for spring- student/backpacker fair. Besides that, we landed on a pretty interesting job. Namely to be actors for Bali 101 Legian hotels’ promotional video. The filming lasted two days and we got to spend four free nights in the hotel. Sadly we had to wake up around 6 to start working. Putting make-up on took quite a lot of time and then the shoots began. It was easy acting, mostly smiling and being excited about the hotel and its facilities and talking with each other. When the video will be ready and not too embarrassing, i will […]

Bali. Ulun Dalu Temple and Gitgit twin Waterfall.

“A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor.” I’ve been wanting to write for a while now but I haven’t had the chance. I have a stupid computer virus or a browser hijacker that often blocks my blogger and I am not able to use it. Ironically it happens mostly when I have the time and will to write. I haven’t been very lucky with technology since I came to Bali. My phone has been to the repair shop like thousand times, my camera doesn’t work as well and now I have problems with my computer. Luck. Ulun Danu Temple But there is no time to be sad when the world around you is so beautiful! During the month or more when I haven’t written anything, I have seen quite many wonderful places. One day me, my boyfriend and another intern from our office took off to the north of Bali. We went to visit Ulun Danu Temple at the Beratan lake and Gitgit twin waterfall up in the mountains. The drive there took us about two hours to reach to the north on our motorbike but it was worth bearing the cramp in my legs […]


“Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.” Last Tuesday I visited Singapore in order to get a social visa so we could legally stay in Indonesia until the end of our internship and even a little longer. It was the easiest process in the world compared to all the others that we had gone through previously. We just needed to go to the office, hand in our documents ,and voilĂ  , everything was ready by the evening. Singapore left me a very good impression during the short visit. It had an image of an Asian business centre with modern buildings and many skyscrapers. After having lived two months in the local culture in poorer conditions than used to it seemed like we finally reached civilisation. People spoke English, looked neat and it felt good to be in a modern world for a change. It had public transportation and normal traffic and it is the second best country in the world with internet speed! Oh, how i miss all this. I could independently get by in Singapore. Here in Bali, I am so scared to drive a motorcycle. The first […]

Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.

At the beginning of my internship, i had this impression that people are quite laid back here and the work is chill. Lately, i have been working pretty hard actually and busy every day. We have been working on our upcoming Bali Highway Half Marathon that our company is organising. If somebody of my readers is a runner or anybody ,who wants to see what i have been working on, can check out the website (click) that we have made. I have been also working a lot on Facebook and Twitter and have sent too many e-mails. Actually, i don’t really like working in an office behind the computer unless the task is really interesting. But sometimes you got to do what you got to do. Nevertheless, the meetings here (the ones in English)  have been quite pleasant. Meetings at a beach bar or at a sushi bar eating, drinking and discussing things. No complaints there! The marathon that we are organising will be held on the new Bali toll road and it will finish in Nusa Dua where the awarding ceremony and party will be held as well. We as organisers went to see […]

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

And my role as an intern has begun. The first day at Bali Tourism Board I had to prepare some letters for Australia because in September we were planning to go to Australia and do some promotion for Bali. Unfortunately, some other company took over organising the events there and so we were left empty handed. Now we are preparing things for upcoming Bali marathon in November.Sometimes we will get the chance to participate in different events. I got the chance to be an usher in a Jazz Market in South Kuta. Basically, what I did on my duty was standing up and saying “Hello!” or “Welcome!” to people entering the jazz market. Unfortunately, it was not very interesting as you can imagine. The market itself was nice playing smooth jazz all day and having multiple food stalls and stalls for selling all sorts of goods. I have been eating out every day. Sometimes you really have to be careful with the food because everything here is very spicy. Even if you ask for a non-spicy meal it might be spicy. Maybe what is not spicy for them is still spicy for us and what […]

A day at the beach.

I’m enjoying the beaches here so much. The waves are pretty strong and big. You don’t need to go far but just stay at the shore and you are already completely wet due to the waves. There is not much needed to be happy here. Just stay at the beach and everything is great.   On Thursday, we took a long one and a half hour ride all the way after Tabanan to visit some bungalows that belong to the guy from who we are renting our place out. Unfortunately, we arrived pretty late and it was getting dark, but we managed to visit a bat cave. When the sun sets millions of them fly out in a  row. It was amazing. I wish i would own a great camera to capture all this, but maybe you can still notice the bats from the picture.        The place itself was pretty amazing too.     Selamat tinggal !

Welcome to Bali.

The first thing you see when you exit the airport is a mass of people holding signs with people’s names, hotel names, tour operator names etc,etc. and there seems no way out. The weather is great and then you try to find a taxi driver, who is willing to take you to your destination with the cheapest price possible. The traffic here is very crazy as i already have heard before. Basically, you drive however you want. You skip lanes when you want, pass by whenever you spot an opportunity and continuously honk at other people. When nowadays babies learn how to use iPhone before they learn how to speak then here in Bali I’m sure they will learn how to drive a scooter at a very young age. I guess it’s okay when a boy about an age of ten or twelve is driving a scooter with two other babies on board. You can also notice a kid driving a car. Moreover crossing the road has never been so exciting as it is here.       People are very friendly. They smile a lot , greet and get very excited if you smile […]