I think you’re foolish if you spend your life in one place. The world is gigantic It’s a waste if you don’t try and see it.

Hellooo ! After a decade, i finally found time to write again. My life has been crazily busy. As you read before in Italy i had practically no time to write or even no internet connection. To sum my summer up i can say i liked the job very much like i liked it the last time , i had fun colleagues and was surrounded by happy people. Only one big problem was during my summer, which I cannot talk about in detail. That problem made my job very hard, but now it’s done and back to my regular life. It’s not so regular, though. After Italy, i got the chance to go on a cruise ship with my boyfriend. That opportunity came very fast and i had to make an impulsive decision. Since i basically had no vacation this summer i decided to go.  The cruise took us through England, Dover and the island of St. Peter Port; France, Le Havre; Belgium, Bruges; and Germany, Bremerhaven. All countries were nice, except i got a very bad expression of Dover. I saw only fat and ugly and lower class people. Pregnant women smoking and looking […]