Sardinia vol 2.

Ciao ragazzi ! It’s hard to find time here to write and if i have time i prefer to sleep because the work is hard and the heat makes you tired. The internet doesn’t work so well here also some days it disappears and at the moment, i am a bit cut off from the rest of the world and have no clue what is going on. My work goes well , though, it is tiring and every muscle in me aches. I still enjoy it. Especially the evening shows. We have done already two musicals, Mamma Mia and The Beauty and The beast and now this week we will do Tarzan. In Mamma Mia, i had double roles, being the friend of Sophie and also Donna . In beauty and the Beast i was the Beauty and now i will play Jane. It’s a lot of fun and i like especially dancing nice duets with beautiful lifts. They hurt, though. I enjoy a lot doing sports tournaments. For me, it’s quite fun. Football tournaments are a bit crazy sometimes because many people, especially Italians are really into it and get very angry when they […]


Vodka!This is how supposedly they say hello in Sardinian language.It’s been almost two weeks that I have spent here in Sardinia and I am already sick, having a fever. It’s hotter here than in sauna and having almost no free time but only running around like crazy between activities finally will get to your health.Nevertheless, Sardinia is very beautiful, at least the camp side and the surroundings here that I have seen. During my days off I want to see more of course. Even if it is beautiful here, it is said that other places in Sardinia are much more beautiful and the beaches more wonderful.The camp side is full of Italians so I am hoping that when I finish working here my Italian will be awesome. Also, Italians really don’t speak English so you have to learn Italian to communicate. The first week of work all of us, me and my colleagues, have done various activities to see who is good in what and also to learn to be prepared to be able to replace each other. Last time I worked I mostly spent time in the Mini Club playing with children and also […]