Swimming with turtles in Akumal

I saw my first turtle in the wild ever here in Playa del Carmen when my base leader sent me snorkeling during work. Not a bad job, eh? I was so amazed by what you can see nearby from the shore. Bali and Egypt gave me some colorful snorkeling experiences but that can never beat a cute turtle. I just looooove turtles! One day I decided to visit Akumal, which is famous for its turtles chilling there. We initially wanted to go to the Yal-Ku lagoon near Akumal and then go to the turtle beach to meet with the cuties. There was a slight failure in the planning since the plan to visit Akumal was rather impulsive in the first place. We did not know that you can access Yal-Ku only by walking there from Akumal. The bus did not stop at the lagoon and there is no entrance from the highway. Plus to enter the lagoon it will cost you like 30 dollars. So never mind let’s just stick with Akumal beach. Walking down to the beach, we met a bunch of sellers trying to sell us tours to see the turtles or lifejackets and […]

Cenote Azul

Two months have passed by since I moved to Mexico and this, drumroll please, will be my first Mexico post. Better late than never, right? Never have I ever been to a cenote nor did I have a lot of imagination of how it looks like. So on my second day off here, I decided to visit one. On my first day off, I just wanted to lay on the beach to become more Mexican. Now it was time to discover something new. Cenotes are basically underground sinkholes and were the only source of water in the jungle for the Mayans. Some of the cenotes are really near to Playa del Carmen where I live. About 15 minutes with a public bus. There are a bunch of them just next to each other and I randomly picked one out to visit. Cenote Azul was the lucky chosen one. The public buses, or better called public vans aka the collectivos, do not have fixed times. You just go and wait for one to pick you up. If you are early, you need to wait till it fills up. Luckily mine was already full and my trip […]