“Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.” Last Tuesday I visited Singapore in order to get a social visa so we could legally stay in Indonesia until the end of our internship and even a little longer. It was the easiest process in the world compared to all the others that we had gone through previously. We just needed to go to the office, hand in our documents ,and voilà , everything was ready by the evening. Singapore left me a very good impression during the short visit. It had an image of an Asian business centre with modern buildings and many skyscrapers. After having lived two months in the local culture in poorer conditions than used to it seemed like we finally reached civilisation. People spoke English, looked neat and it felt good to be in a modern world for a change. It had public transportation and normal traffic and it is the second best country in the world with internet speed! Oh, how i miss all this. I could independently get by in Singapore. Here in Bali, I am so scared to drive a motorcycle. The first […]