I missed the beach and sunbathing so much that I got really excited when we arrived in Phuket. Obviously, we had to immediately deal with the taxis. I and my mom thought we are getting screwed again, but actually, in Phuket they had legit taxi systems with fixed tariffs. I was told that the taxis are really inexpensive in Thailand. They did not have high prices compared to Amsterdam for instance, but they were not super cheap either, especially if you will be using the taxi every day. You can also rent a car or a motorbike, which will cost less if you will be moving around a lot. We arrived later in the evening and during the night, it seemed like our hotel is somewhere in the middle of a jungle. We had a nice pool, where we went for a dip right away. The next day obviously we wanted to spend on a beach as well. We had two beaches nearby, the Surin beach and Bangtao beach. Surin beach took our breath away right when we arrived there.Later we found out that Bangtao is much closer, also stunning, and has many shops and […]

Thailand. Bangkok.

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Now i know why people fall in love with Thailand. Beautiful, controversial, delicious, joyful, breath-taking, colourful, ¬†wild… I am very happy to have the chance to visit even a small part of it together with my mother.   During my visit, I had some mixed feelings. Everything to me was exotic and beautiful and i was happy to spend time there but on the contrary, it made me sad as well. It is sad to see how human egoism and selfishness is destroying the beauty of the earth. There were so many tourists, ignorant, uneducated and their actions will put an end to the beauty eventually. I can imagine how much more astonishing, peaceful everything was twenty, thirty years ago, but now it is all full of people and the beauty is diminishing. It is even hard to make a picture of places for your memory without having some strangers on it. The trash. It annoys me so much that i actually started to cleaning the small remaining rain forest in Phuket from plastic, even though i know the next day there will […]