Before leaving Romania, I wanted to see the capital city Bucharest. I decided to take the night train from Baia Mare to Bucharest, so I could have my first experience sleeping on the train. The train took off at six o’clock in the evening and arrived twelve hours later to the capital. There were two options, to either book a cabin shared with five other people or a private one. I chose the private one since I was all alone with way too much luggage and felt like in terms of security it would be much easier for me to be by myself. The cabin was simple with two bunk beds, a tiny table and a mirror. It was a little over heated so I slept with the window open. Luckily I managed to sleep, albeit it was pretty noisy. Finally, at 6.30 AM there I was at Bucharest train station ready to spend my final two days in Romania.   Day 1 I did not have much planned for the first day, but just to stroll around and see what I discover. There was nothing really that caught my eye or I was determined to visit […]