Discovering Northwest Romania- city trips

Eager to discover more of Northwest Romania, we set our course to Cluj-Napoca. Initially, we planned a one weekend trip, but suddenly things changed and we stayed for more than a week. I ended up constantly rewashing my three shirts and three pairs of undies that I had packed for a weekend trip . Actually, I am more than happy to have experienced this kind of gypsie or simple traveller lifestyle. Materialistically I don’t need much at all. In a world dominated by consumerism, it takes time and effort to learn how to live with less but it is a great bonus for travellers. And in general, why do we need so much stuff anyway? But enough about my personal development. Let me tell you a little about Cluj-Napoca and other lovely places we discovered.   Cluj-Napoca In terms of population, Cluj is triple the size of Baia Mare, the city where I have been hanging out for a while. A little over 300 000 people live here. It is kind of built in a valley so the whole city is surrounded by hills. I finally learned to call them hills, not mountains, because having […]