Stories from my phone

Most of the times I share only photos made by my beautiful camera. Sometimes I have to settle with my phone because the camera is too heavy to carry around on every occasion. I realised I have made quite a lot of photos with my phone but never told the stories behind them. So here we go! Friday night art exhibition One Friday night, after a couple of drinks I ended up at an art exhibition. I was sitting at the main square having some drinks when suddenly somebody from the group announced that there is an open exhibition at the old cinema. Not having much to do anyways there was no question if to go and visit it. I never learned the artists’ name. I know only that he was local and that he liked to capture different moments and people in Romania.           The exhibition was held in an old cinema. The building itself was already an artwork. Even though decomposed and looking abandoned, the place was awesome. You could smell the history. Looks like it used to be a cinema only for posh and upper-class people. Any architecture fanatic would be amazed. […]

Traveling is my drug of choice.

“Because I will recklessly abandon all insecurities and expose my true self to the world. I will become immune to the impact of your opinion and stand naked in a crowd of ideas; comfortable in knowing that while you married the mundane I explored the exceptional.” Author unknown. Amsterdam is an odd city. In a good way. There is so much interesting surrounding you every day. I find most European cities overall quite similar but each having its unique selling points. Now that i have lived in Amsterdam a little more than two years i have learned to know this city quite well, we have become friends and i can call it my second home. Observing people is already so educating, especially when there are so many different nationalities. I wish more people would pay attention to other people, what they are actually saying, their behaviour, why they do the things the way they do them and try to understand them instead of valuing speaking. I started school again, which is really easy at the moment. I have to go to school three times a week and have one lecture per day, plus few meetings […]