Lucha Libre

Lucha Libre a.k.a one of the craziest if not the craziest things I’ve seen. I don’t know if you have heard anything of Mexican wrestling before but all I imagined was some butchy dudes with full face masks. And well… it’s wrestling so it’s fake. Fake it was and ooooh how over the top acting. And the Oscar goes to… Anyway, one night I joined my friends to see the Lucha Libre match without too many expectations. In Thailand, I saw live Thai boxing and it was great. I pictured something similar except there will be funky face masks and wrestling instead of actual martial arts. The arena was quite empty, mostly locals but some tourists like us as well. And a bunch of kids. The first round was pretty funny. First came the referee and he looked hilarious. No offense man! Fat, smiley and nothing like a fighter. Then the real fighters came out and the match could begin. Fake slaps and a lot of fake cries of pain. Wrestlers rolling off from the arena dramatically holding their head or crutch. The second round was all about the ladies. This one was less fighting […]